Windows Bluetooth Beta

Lenovo ideapad20 w/Windows 10. Internal Bt adapter is not usable by Zwift (has the lightning bolt). Also tried a Pluggable BLE 4 adapter with same results. Works fine with companion app connection.

Trying to use Bluetooth from my laptop causes the entire thing to grind to a halt - Zwift can’t even render my avatar in full. It works absolutely perfectly with ANT+.

I didn’t have time to narrow down if one of the sensors was causing it, or just Bluetooth in general. I had an Elite Novo Smart (a Qubo smart B+ on a different frame) & a Wahoo Tickr both connected via Bluetooth (plus separate Garmin speed & cadence sensors connected via ANT+)

As soon as I stopped pedaling it resolved itself until I started pedaling again, which suggests it’s related to the trainer - I had it set to control resistance which I believe is new? Next time I do a workout I’ll quickly test it without the resistance control.

Don’t want to jinx but 3 rides in a row using windows 10 Bluetooth beta and all 4 sources (Wahoo hrm/cadence/kickr core) been flawless, love the simplicity of this setup! Hope it continues to work like this!

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On desktop, Windows 10 (1803), Bluetooth works like charm using “LogiLink Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, USB 3.0 Micro, Class 1 (BT0037)”. It was probably the best quality signal I had with Stages power meter ever (tip: Stages has very weak signal).

On laptop with same system version and built-in Qualcomm Atheros 4.0 BT adapter it doesn’t work at all (yellow exclamation mark icon). It also doesn’t work with the same LogiLink adapter as used on desktop machine after turning off and uninstalling internal bluetooth adapter.

This is kind of disappointing, because it runs really well on desktop but obviously I use laptop for Zwifting so it is not very useful. Any one have any ideas what might be an issue here?

Drivo II, polar h10 hr, stages gen3 all working perfectly with my laptop. Love :heart_eyes: it.
Erg mode and simulation no issues.

I did have to switch my internal wifi card in my laptop from Intel 7265 to 9260 to improve the bluetooth range and reliability.

I checked on Tacx Desktop App and it works through built in Bluetooth with all the sensors (power meter, trainer, heart rate). So it is Zwift related issue.

I’ve found following message in log file:
“Could not load the Windows BLE DLL BleWin10Lib.dll due to the following error 126”

The update yesterday fixed the bluetooth reconnect.

Kickr Core not working

Picked up a Bluetooth USB Dongle 12 bucks on amazon. Installed in one USB port and had the ANT+ USB dongle in the other port… Desktop PC with latest windows 10 and high end graphics card.(about 1 year old system)(Ethernet hard cable to router) Zwift Companion – turned off to make sure there was no interference. Connected Wahoo Kickr power bluetooth. Connected Garmin HRM Dual to bluetooth, connected Garmin cadence to ANT+ and connected Wahoo controllable trainer to ANT+. All connected as expected. (Had to pair each one at a time.) Had no problems whatsoever… Bluetooth connections seem faster than ANT+… but from power stability or accuracy readings I did not see any difference between ANT+ or BLuetooth. But hey it works… Good science experiment !!!

I’m having a very odd issue. I do NOT have a Bluetooth dongle installed on this PC. Bluetooth is not on or otherwise available on this PC, confirmed in Device Manger etc. I’m on Windows 10, 64-bit.

Despite this, Zwift is still insisting it is seeing a Bluetooth signal - but doesn’t find anything (Wahoo Kickr, Favero pedals, Tickr HRM). The Bluetooth option icon at the top right has ‘Beta: Use Built-in Bluetooth’ on, with the other option (Use Zwift Companion) greyed out (can’t select).

FWIW, the other apps I use (SufferFest, TrainerRoad) properly show bluetooth as unavailable.

You need to have the Companion app actually running for the option to be selectable.

A few updates later, and I still can’t pair my Kickr v2 as a controllable trainer.

Windows laptop kinetic inride ant+ .All connects with Bluetooth beta. I gained more power using the beta, a full .75w/kg. If I switch back to the companion app I’m back to what I normally see…

I have win10 on my xiaomi pro notebook. Zwift BETA NOT working for me. Rouvy works fine.