Windows Bluetooth Beta

(Edward Ng) #41

Strange; is it the DG40S, or is it the DG40SA?

I’ve put in about 3.5 hours of riding so far with it and has been flawless so far.


(Jim) #42

This is the DG40S.

(Edward Ng) #43

I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I got the DG40SA.


(Jim) #44

“Uninstall device” followed by “scan for hardware changes” fixed the problem. Maybe something in this week’s Windows Update caused it? I don’t know.

(Edward Ng) #45

Ah, thanks! Now we know how to handle if it happens again!


(Gustavo Gomez Bvgr) #46

Feedback update. Elite Drivo, Stages 3

Zwift android companion.

ERG mode is not really working. The trainer change resistance for the interval but it doesn’t powermatch or erg my power meter with the trainer during the interval. It tells me to reduce my power but the trainer is not doing the adjustment.
Elite Drivo power is not shown in settings.

Zwift Game android app.

The stages 3 power meter and cadence numbers are not correct.


I tested the Bluetooth functionality on Zwift Android, Zwift companion, and Windows 10.

The devices on the testing were Stages 3, elite drivo, and galaxy S9, HRM10.

Bluetooth power and cadence had between 1s-2s less lag compared to Ant+ across all devices. (Android, Windows)

Windows 10 Bluetooth Beta.

It needs automatic Bluetooth reconnection. When devices go to sleep during ride breaks, I must reset manually all the connections for the device and reconnect again.

Waiting for controllable trainer support.

Zwift companion Android

It does not detect elite drivo power. Elite drivo cadence is detected by it doesn’t work because it needs the power connection. Elite drivo controllable trainer works fine.

The same reconnect issue as windows 10.

Zwift Android

It works great. I need to pick my elite drivo as my power source first so the elite drivo can be set up as the controllable trainer. After that, I have to go back and switch the power source to the stages.

(Edward Ng) #47

Thanks, Gustavo! It looks like you agree with my assessment that there is a lag using ANT+ versus BTLE in Zwift. I find this particularly noticeable with smart trainer control, where there is much bigger lag in resistance change versus what it shows on the screen with ANT+ versus BTLE. This is why I am hoping for smart trainer control to start working over Windows 10 native Bluetooth in the next update, because I find my ZML on my iPhone drops out from my bedroom too much to be reliable, and using the ANT+ dongle suffers lag.


(Brad Crowell) #48

Worked great first try with Surface Pro 3, and Wahoo first-generation KICKR and cadence pod. Vast improvement over Companion App, which has always been glitchy for me.

(Mike Chica) #49

I read through most of the comments - has anyone tried the Kinetic Inride in the Windows Bluetooth option? My Windows 10 laptop connected to it, my wahoo cadence and TickR, but Zwift never did. I will try to disconnect them in Windows 10 and see if Zwift finds them. Been having Wi-Fi issue lately -‘FTP test got dropped half way through!! Wanting to reduce the Wi-Fi traffic and see if that helps.

(M D ⚡[BRT]) #50

In windows my Kickr gen1 appears as a controllable trainer over bluetooth but when actually riding it just stays in dumb mode. However, if I bridge via the companion app on my Android phone it works ok :expressionless:

(Mike Chica) #51

I got inride and wahoo tickr connected no companion needed. It worked great for my 1 hour ride. I couldn’t get m wahoo cadence connected - it might have connected to my phone, I pretty happy with the direct bluetooth to PC connection so far.

(Thomas Nuthmann) #52

Kinetic Inride works fine with Windows Bluetooth Beta for me, but I experience problems with my new Schwinn Classic Cruiser. The Cruiser connects instantly but always looses connection after a short time. To reactivate the bike the Cruiser may be disconnected and reconnected but always looses connection again after a short time cycling.

By the way: I love the possibility to use Zwift for Windows without the Companion App. Thank you Zwift Team for making that possible! It makes the workout setup much easier for me.


(P. aul K) #53

My Vector3 pedals and Halfords HRM connect OK, but then get NO SIGNAL displayed, no Watts or heart rate

(P. aul K) #54

My Neo 2 power / cadence and trainer control all work fine in normal riding mode

(Edward Ng) #55

Wait, what? Trainer control is working over the Windows 10 Bluetooth now?!


(P. aul K) #56

Seems to works for me with a neo 2

(P. aul K) #57

(István Tóth) #58

My brother’s Tacx Flow Smart controllable also gets detected and works through BT dongle.

My Elite Direto controllable does not even get detected (Only power and cadence)

(István Tóth) #59

I have tried again with the new version.

Now my Elite Direto is detected, both power and controllable.

I have done a short check loop, and trainer control and power was perfect, and stable.

My Magene Gemini 200 cadence sensor paired and worked fine as well.

My Decathlon Heart Rate monitor was also detected, and operational, but Zwift dropped it about 4 minutes into both of my rides, and could not reconnect. The same HRM works well via companion, and android beta.

(Jim) #60

My Kickr V2 shows up as a power source, but not as a controllable trainer.