Windows App freezes after a few minutes every time

I have been using Zwift on my Windows 10 laptop since early January 2023 so far without any issues.
However, since last week, every time I use Zwift, I get the following error:

After a few minutes, the PC app freezes completely, it no longer responds to anything and I have to kill it via the task manager. However, I can’t identify any cause of the error. Unfortunately, Zwift is so unusable for me, since I can’t finish a single event anymore, because the PC App hangs every time.

Connected are:

  • Wahoo Kickr V5 via Bluetooth
  • Garmin cadence sensor via Bluetooth
  • Wahoo Tickr Fit via Bluetooth
  • Companion App via Local Network

Laptop, Zwift and Kickr all have the latest available software versions.

All other details see here:

Does anyone know these problems?
Any tips?
Thanks for any hints!

Have you looked for clues in the Windows Event Viewer?

Does it make any difference if you are running Zwift in windowed mode vs full screen?

Which graphics chip is in your laptop?

10th gen CPU with onboard graphics has gaming performance issues, not only on Zwift but many games.

there is a lot of discussion on this thread.

The OBS workaround mention seems to fix it for some people, maybe try that.

Yes, every time Zwift had a freeze, there was a Hardware-Error before (sorry, german windows):

The details of this hardware error were:



‎21.‎02.‎2023 20:14

Nicht berichtet

Aufgrund eines Hardwareproblems ist Windows nicht mehr voll funktionsfähig.

Problemereignisame:	LiveKernelEvent
Code:	141
Parameter 1:	ffffbb8165eb7010
Parameter 2:	fffff804968a6190
Parameter 3:	0
Parameter 4:	3e90
Betriebssystemversion:	10_0_19045
Service Pack:	0_0
Produkt:	768_1
Betriebsystemversion:	10.0.19045.
Gebietsschema-ID:	1031

Googling for LiveKernelEvent 141 suggested, that this is a problem with the graphics card/driver.

No, i used it in fullscreen and windowed mode, freeze happened in both modes.

Intel(R) Iris(R) Graphics Family

Never heard of this, what is this?

Follow up:
I noticed in my Zwiftalizer log from the first post that the FPS was extremely low.

Thereupon I activated the option with the FPS display in all Zwift profiles to be able to follow this live.
Then I changed the resolution in the Zwift settings to Medium (720).

With this I was able to ride the Rapha Stage 1 today without freeze. :smiley:
The FPS also look much better in the log this time:

I will ride more events with this setting and report back.