Windows 11

Is zwift gonna work on windows 11? Don’t want to upgrade till I know.

Works fine.


I’m sure the October update will see to that!

It’s been working fine in our Win11 testing so far.

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Lucky you if you can get it installed. Neither of my rigs met the minimum requirements.

If Dave says it’s fine… I’m going in! Win11 here I go.

Wish me luck! :neutral_face:


Zwift may be fine but early adopting windows releases is a brave move more generally! Good luck!

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Upgraded yesterday and had a BSOD today 14 min into a group ride. Downgraded (at least that was easy).

L’application Zwift se fige au bout de quelques minutes et de manière aléatoire depuis installation de WIN11. La dernière mise à jour n’a rien changé.

Windows 11 works fine… Zwift on Windows 11 works fine… But bluetooth on Windows 11 system…

I lost all my bluetooth connectability. Treadmill, Tick X, AfterShokz, phone, all no longer able to connect. I’m going to wait a few more months then try again.

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Try this: Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One (July 2021) Download | TechPowerUp

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Same here, crashed towards roughly 1 hour mark during ride. Past 2 rides as soon as upgraded. Rolling back to 10

I ran it last night ok

I just got a new Windows Surface 8 Pro with Win 11 Home - no opportunity to fall back, not like I really would want to. I’m OK with some minor pain if I know its going to be sorted soon.

I’ve done 3 Zwift rides with it so far. First was fine, but last two rides I lost connectivity to all Wahoo Kickr Bike functions mid ride. I had to repair to get them back. Not great if in ERG mode and resistance goes awol.

Wahoo Tickr HR monitor was fine though, although that is just as reluctant to pair at the beginning as it was with prev Win 10 on Surface 5 Pro.

Has this been resolved? I am having these issues

I’m sorry I don’t know if this has been specifically resolved as I am still using the companion app as a fallback. Its not perfect (I get the occasional dropout which I think is a transient wifi issue at our end - a compromised setup) but its better than what I was witnessing before.

Looking forward to hearing that it has been resolved at which point I will ditch using the companion app as a BLE bridge, but it sounds like it has not been.

tbh, Companion app in bridge mode works better than I expected, if not better in some respects as bluetooth pairing is very quick and seems to be rock solid. I am just suffering with wifi between phone and PC. So certainly worth a look as a fallback.

I was able to install the companion app into my windows 11, and it’s lauching fine, but somehow the event and activity feeds page are not loading anything, it shows networ error at the bottom of the app, but other functions works fine, I was able to search zwifer, only the event and activity feeds page are not working, I wondering anyone able to help?

I highly doubt that Zwift will support ZC running in the Android subsystem under Windows 11.

Indeed, don’t expect support for Android Companion on Windows. They don’t support Companion as an iOS app on macOS - it did work for a while, but they (frustratingly) disabled it.