Windows 10 update 1909


I have seen several posts on Zwift having issues with BT when running Windows 10 1903… many times referred to as the latest update. Now 1909 has arrived, and the same issue is still observed at least in my setup. I have ALL latest Windows 10 updates and patches. Latest version of Zwift, the built in BT devices is fully BT 4.x LE compatible. This is a desktop machine (small one, Fujitsu Esprimo) basically a miniPC with components like a laptop but in a desktop format. Any clue on when this bug will be corrected? Is it Windows, or is this a bug in Zwift?

I think it is a windows thing, USB bluetooth dongles works a lot better. But since you are using windows why don’t you use ANT+ in my opinion it is far superior.

I have ordered a Wahoo ANT+ dongle… yet it works like a charm via Companion…, using the very same BT interface. I have also a rather old MacBook Air, there all devices shows up via the built in BT interface without any problems. So clearly this must be related to the built in BT devices… perhaps it is related to Intel BT, since a lot of the dongles works, and the built in ones (at least in PC’s) are Intel BT Wireless…