Windows 10, to be or not to be....

(Andrew Williams) #1

So, should I cancel my free upgrade reservation?  Should I go ahead and do the 10 upgrade?

BTW this Windows machine is primarily used to run Zwift, so I am only thinking in terms of whether the program will run well, better, worse, etc.


(Kyle Polansky) #2

I do not have any experience with this, but according to a couple people in the Zwift Riders Facebook Group, Zwift works flawlessly on the Windows 10 preview.

However, note that as with all new operating systems, there are likely going to be bugs at release. I personally would reserve your reservation and upgrade after the OS has been out for a couple of months. This should allow time to get most of the OS issues worked out.

FB Group Discussion (may need to join group to see it):

(Jon Mayfield) #3

I’ve not tested the very latest version of Win10 yet, but all the previous early-releases I tried had no problems running zwift on our test computers.

As long as there are quality GL graphics drivers from Intel, NVidia, and AMD I think it’ll probably be smooth sailing.

I’d keep the reservation, but wait until the early reports hit from users before installing it.

(Matt Skalicky - ODZ (C)) #4

Running it on the latest build of Win 10 Pro no problems. Just did 19km. Phew!

(Mark Svara) #5

Upgraded to Windows 10 Home from 7 and works but in compatibility mode under Windows 8.  Use the compatibility checker and it’ll set it up for you.  Works ok but Video drivers were a problem for me (Nothing to do with Zwift).

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #6

Today I loaded Windows 10 on my $100 Zwifter special - a refurbished HP desktop that uses an Altec processor and Windows 7 with an upgraded Nvidia video card. I suspected it might be marginal. I was right. Slow to load windows on the restart and Zwift shut down before full load every time. Bottom line - I reverted the machine back to Windows 7 (one timely step with 10) and everything works fine again.

(Mark Svara) #7

Jim you have to admit the downgrade process works great.  I’ve been running Win 10 now for over 1 month and there are things that really bug me. The new browser is slowing down as patches are applied likely security related.  The cursor seems to jump randomly everywhere but the address bar.  OEM driver support is still lagging behind on older devices (I’m talking 2-3 years old).  Programs seem to struggle even under compatibility mode.  


All par par for the course. It’s still a quicker OS and better implementation plan as well as much smoother rollback product than any other previous version.  If you prefer perfection wait until at least SP1. 

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #8

I’m becoming an Apple fan ever since I bought a MacBook Pro. I intend to replace my PC with an iMac in the near future. The $100 Zwifter special is used exclusively with my Computrainer RacerMate and Zwift software. I’m guessing it is at least 4 years old but does the job in the pain cave and should for the foreseeable future unless Zwift does some upgrades that require a better machine.

I found the download process for 10 to be flawless and the restoration to 7 was one button!