Windows 10 Tickr HRM no signal

Im using my laptop with windows 10 and it looks and runs great. Except for my tickr heart rate monitor. It connects to zwift via bluetooth just fine but not signal is being picked up by zwift. The same tickr unit works fine with zwift on my iPad so i dont think its the tickr. Any suggestions?

Does your laptop have Bluetooth built in?

Yes. Im not sure of the version but the laptop is only a couple of years old so it should be current.

Your lap top may have limited Bluetooth connectivity and once your trainer and mouse are paired there may only be one more port. Are you using any other BT devices that could be pairing to your laptop and tying up your BT?
Also, make sure the your HR monitor is. Or be picked up be another BT device like a head unit or maybe your IPad?

Thanks. I deleted all the other bluetooth connections and it still doesnt work. Do you happen to know of anyone who is running zwift on windows and what brand of hrm they are using? Im starting to think its just a compatibility issue since thr tickr works fine with ios.

I have two Tickrs that are not working with Zwift, I am using a Windows 10 laptop.

The internal windows Bluetooth and the Bluetooth dongles are not working

My Tacx Neo is paired via BlueTooth and does work

and I don’t want to go back to Ant+

Thanks. At least its not just mine. Have you found any heart rate monitor that does work with windows 10 or are you just riding without one? At this point im ready to give up on the tickr. The graphics are just so much better with the laptop than with the ipad.

@Chris_Therrien I use a Polar H10 with my four Windows 10 devices, and outdoors (though at this stage of the year I’ve forgotten what outdoors looks like).

It can connect to 2 bluetooth and 1 ANT devices simultaneously.

Wonderful device, but smells of horses if I don’t put it in the washing machine every few rides.

I have the same issue. Works fine on my iPhone but would really like to use windows and chromecast to my TV…