Windows 10 recaptcha_en.js login error [November 2021] [SOLVED]

If your problem is the gstatic / recaptcha_en.js script, then the workaround is to add www . gstatic . com to Restricted Sites in Internet Options.

If the script error message does not mention gstatic . com, then your problem is different.

I added to the restricted sites. the issue is not resolved and I still have a script error message (although not every time I try to login)

any clues?

Zwift have a new launcher (1.1.0) based on Edge Webview2 instead of an Internet Explorer control.

This new launcher fixes the recaptcha problem.

You can get it by downloading the Zwift setup from the website. You do not have to uninstall your old version, just install on top of it.


Didn’t realise they’d released it. When was that, do you know?

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I wonder if the new launcher makes a difference to the stuttering/flickering (?) issue at high frame rates?

Nope, still the same. :frowning:

How frustrating :frowning:

I’m used the workaround but now I can’t login to Zwift, it keeps pushing me back to the username and password screen… please advise :pray:

Get the latest launcher from and run it. No need to reinstall the full game, it’ll just update the launcher for you. It uses Edge rather than Internet Explorer, so you should be faced with a clean login screen. If you can’t get in after that, you’ll need to contact Zwift Support. Hope this helps.

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This launcher bug has been resolved with a new Windows launcher v1.1.0. Please update to today’s game release 1.21.0, and say “yes” to all the update prompts to also update the launcher app.

Here is a thread with more information about the new launcher version.

So the good news is I no longer get the script error… and that’s all the news I have that’s good. I’m still stuck on Preparing to Update.