Windows 10 recaptcha_en.js login error [November 2021] [SOLVED]

Wow, I can’t remember the last time I had to enter my PW. :sunglasses:


Wow/2, I keep having to fill my password so often that I have no problem whatsoever remembering my 20-character computer-generated alphabet soup password.

I’m having this issue on widows 11.

Blocking the URL with the instructions laid out above has worked for me on every system I’ve tried it on (five).

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Any news on this test? … i am not able (work pc) to change my restrictions site content … and thus have the error and cannot exercise anymore online.
I have tested this on my daughters pc and the error on gstatic apeared as well, put it in restricted and problem solved.
However … As mentioned … on my fast work pc i cannot fix this .
What can i do ?

I had this again this morning, first time in ages, just clicked yes a couple of times and it worked.

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Same here. Was sad to see this error back.

Also there seems to be an issue with the leaderboard function in meet ups with “keep everyone together”. Leaderboards are blank except for your own score. Further, those in the meet up on PCs were not able to chat via the companion app. Lots of bugs in this update

Mine was fine again today without changing anything so it seems to not be a constant issue.

Got this again yesterday, went away by clicking on Cancel (or whatever the stop running scripts option was). Seems to appear only when the app has forgot my login credentials.

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Once the domain has been blocked it never comes back for me, whether I log out or not.

Yeah but I have never blocked the domain, stopping the script has been enough for me. And of course I haven’t logged out either, Zwift just seems to have selective amnesia on this point once every few weeks.

Yeah I think a few people have that behaviour for some reason. I haven’t logged out intentionally on my main rig for months and months, it just stays the same. What I mean is I have built a few systems since this problem and I just block the domain, job done.

My PC seems to forget my login with update (not always…).

I have the same issue using a work PC and cant amend the restricted sites.

Come on Zwift fix this!

Dont work for me …
Fix it!

Did you try pressing yes a few times.

I have a SIMILAR Problem, Zwift will not start in my Windows 10 machine with ample hardware ressource

Could it be that this is a result of not having 1. the Edge Browser installed on Windows 10 ( I use Chrome and Firefox) and **consequently 2. not set as default browser?

If yes, please Zwift Techies do confirm, and maybe there is a workoround to use another default browser? ( I am not fond of installing edge or worse IE due to security, and am even less inclined to set it as default browser)

P.S. the dialogue with the non human support you have introduced is difficult at best.
If yes, that could likely

Code Z117 relates to a patching error, it’s nothing to do with the browser used for the launcher. See elsewhere on the forum.

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Fixed by installing Microsoft Edge and removing Internet Explorer.
Google how to remove Internet Explorer

i have tried the above internet options - restricted pages + clearing the cache
NO luck

zwift launching app does not log me in
I have tried to change my passwod, reinstalled the application/softwarer, logged into my web account STILL the same problem that the application launcher has a scipt error

what can i do more?