Windows 10 recaptcha_en.js login error [November 2021] [SOLVED]

You’ve got a different issue then, it’s worth starting a separate thread. Remember to provide the full specs of your PC.

OMG! Thank you! I was about to buy a tablet, I was so frustrated!

seconded. adding gstatic to restricted gets around the script error.

But no way to continue. None of the fixes suggested are working here.

UPDATE: We have a verified fix for this launcher error.

It required some retooling of the Zwift Installer and Launcher apps, and new versions of those two components will release later this week.

We’ll update this thread with instructions when it’s live. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

UPDATE: we’re testing on various Windows and .NET versions, and it’s taking longer than expected. Current plan is to push this live early next week.


Any other fixes in it? :wink:


Was today update suppose to fix it?

I don’t believe so. @shooj said “current plan is to push this live early next week” as the new Launcher is still being tested.

Negative. the Launcher app piece that fixes this is independent of the game app. We’re still testing the launcher so we’ll push that live once it’s done.

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Tengo el mismo problema, hice la ultima actualización y ahora al ingresar, unos minutos trata de cargar la aplicación y se cierra sin motivo alguno. Volví a instalar y se mantiene el mismo problema.

For what it’s worth, I also experienced this issue, and was frustrated by it for several attempts at running Zwift.

Eventually, I copied the URL which was indicated in the error message, and opened it in a browser. I didn’t take much notice of what was presented, it was a bunch of Web gibberish - a stark reminder of why I don’t do Web based application development.

Confident that I could actually access that resource, I shut down the browser, and as if by magic, Zwift ran successfully.

I haven’t had a single problem since blocking the URL as described. Multiple systems.

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Some users do not have access to make changes to their browser settings so the workaround does not apply to everyone. This should have been fixed by now for paying subscribers.

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If you don’t have access to those settings, you shouldn’t be using that PC for Zwift. This is in their recommendations, so not really their problem.

A long term solution is apparently coming soon.

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Not necessarily Dave. You may have a person sharing a laptop with others but restricting access to certain settings. Solution coming hopefully but IMHO it is very much their problem to resolve.

I did not have to do the workaround, just clicking yes a few times get past that screen.

I think if you check remember password it wont pop up again.

Sorry, I totally agree it is their problem to resolve. This is at least the third time we’ve had daft pop up problems with the launcher. I just meant if someone doesn’t have admin rights etc on their system, that’s not really their issue.


The real pain is when you forget the password!

I agree with you there!

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If only that were true. Zwift remembers it for a while, but every so often it forgets. Very annoying when I’m the only person who uses the computer.