Windows 10 - Build 10161 - Zwift Client Fails

(Rob Toeppner) #1

Just formatted and installed Win10, build 10161 on a laptop.   This machine ran Zwift successfully under Win 8.1.

Zwift client launches to the “create an account” dialog, but closes instantly.   So far have updated video drivers (actually found Win10 drivers for the Intel integrated), but no change.

Had a look at the app log.   Some details:

CLR20r3 for zwiftlauncher.exe

Now suspect this is related to .NET framework.


Any ideas?

(Rob Toeppner) #2

Update: tested running in both Win8 and Win7 compatibility modes - no change.   Ensured run as admin - no change.   Will keep testing.

(. Kai K. TeamODZ (A)) #3

I can’t repro this on Zwift 7/10 (v1.0.5796) with Windows 10 Insider Program build 10166 and Intel graphics 4600 using driver v10.18.15.4235 (the current version on Windows Update).

Tested both windowed and full screen, at 576p and 1080p.

Try on the newer build. Go to the Update settings, Advanced options, and under Insider Builds choose “Fast” then check for updates and install the 10166 flight.

(. Kai K. TeamODZ (A)) #4

…and if you are robtoe email me :slight_smile:

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #5

What Intel chipset is it mate, I have run it successfully on 10160 on my surface pro 3 no issues and I am currently updating to 10166. It might be worth making sure that you have 3.5 installed as well.

(Rob Toeppner) #6

It’s a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, Intel HD4000 graphics, mobile QS77 chipset series.

Yes, I’m robtoe, but OOF for a while.

Will try a newer build when I get a chance.



(Rob Toeppner) #7

Moved to Win10 build 10166 - no change.

Machine already has .Net framework > 4.5.2, so no changes available there.

Decided to uninstall the Zwift client, and reinstall.   Now the client launched, and triggered a further download/update.

Client now runs fine.

(Charlie Pumarejo) #8

Zwift ran perfectly under Windows 7.  Zwift launches under Windows 10 Pro, but it can’t find my Kickr.  I believe it is the Garmin ANTplus Stick not working or not being recognized, but I can’t prove that.  Garmin does not have a driver for the ANTplus so its not a driver I can update.

(Rob Toeppner) #9

You should be fine with Win10 Pro.    As per my post just above, when I moved to build 10166 at the time, and removed and reinstalled the Zwift client, all was OK.

My guess is that the client was somehow corrupted, or maybe something funky with an older Windows 10 build.

In any event, I am also using a Garmin ANT stick, and a KICKR, and it is working fine on Win10.

(craig molway - Rippers) #10

no joy with new windows 10 home pc, build 10240. Only way to get it to load was by running it in windows 8 compatibility mode.