Win10 launcher does not close

Since a few weeks, the launcher app on Win10 stays open once the main app starts. It remains in front of the main app, requires manual closing.

Hi @Robert_C,

I have so far been unable to reproduce this issue. I know there is a little overlap between when the app launches and when the launcher minimizes to the notification tray, so I can see were it might certainly appear that the launcher does not close.

So I wanted to confirm that in your case, if you leave things alone (don’t close the launcher) the launcher is still visible in front of the app while you are trying to pair devices or ride/run in the app?

It is normal for the launcher to stick around while the app is initializing, but it should hide itself before you get to any part of the app where you would need to provide input.

The launcher stayed open throughout the session. You had to close it manually. I haven’t seen this behavior anymore.