Win 10 Launcher crushing

Today i bought a NEW laptop with Win 10, installed and updated Zwift but it doesn’t work. When i log in and click Let’s Go button, launcher just crash… Try to reinstall but the problem still exists…

Hi Ozren!

Have you made an exception for it in the Windows firewall, and made sure OneDrive isn’t protecting the file location? Both of these can cause issues by default. Internet Explorer will also need to be updated.

Hi Seth, didn’t remember to take those action. I shall try and we’ll see what’s going to happen :muscle: :slight_smile:

Still crushing… I have install latest windows and drivers updates but launcher keep crushing. Any other suggestions? :frowning:

Hardware specs of the new Notebook?

Intel Pentium P6100, 2 GHz


500 GB 5400 RPM HDD

Intel HD Graphics

Lp, Ozren

My guess: That is simply too low spec to run Zwift.
The CPU is 9 years old.

When I began zwifting, I tried a few old PC. If the PC was too low spec, Zwift wouldn’t start.
The first PC that worked, was a Intel Quadcore Q8300 with a ATI HD5670 GPU.
Now I’m on a i5-3470 with a ATI HD7850

I am having the same issue with Windows 10. It is so frustrating.

What are your hardware specs?
Did it run with Win7/8 on the same hardware?

I have the same problem.
Win 10 updated
IE last version, Firewall disabled…

My specs are:
I5 7300HQ @ 2,5 Ghz
8 gb RAM
GeForce GTX 1050 and Intel HD Graphics 630 (both updated last version)
SSD HardDisk

I try to run with the two graphic cards and zwift don’t launch with any of them. The icon down to the taskbar and close.

Same problem with an older laptop. It worked the first time I used it. The very next day I tried and it crashes every time. Laptop specs: HP Laptop M0A67AV; AMD E1-6015 with Radeon R2 Graphics; 6GB RAM; Windows 10 Home 64-bit version 16299.904.
If you have any suggestions it is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The AMD E1-6015 CPU is simply way too low spec.
It’s designed for a ultraflat netbook for office and internet.

My humble opinion: It’s a shame that Intel and AMD are even producing such shitty CPU’s. I wouldn’t even take this thing if it was a gift.