Will ERG Mode Be Fixed Before ZA Starts?

Still waiting for someone from Zwift to acknowledge the issues with the recent update…

Specifically, the ERG mode issues I posted about in this thread: Erg mode not working in workout mode

I know I’m not the only one, based on conversations with other riders. Will this be addressed and fixed prior to the start of Zwift Academy? Or should I just go pound sand?

Hey @Jose_Wence_DIRT, I’ve used ERG mode numerous times since the update last Thursday and haven’t had any issues. I’m on Win10 with a Kickr Core using ANT+.

The only issue I’ve had is when my wife uses the microwave in the kitchen above where my setup is and it kills my ANT+ signal for a minute.

What devices/equipment and platform are you using?

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Haven’t experienced any issues with ERG in 2.5 years.

Using a Macbook Air with an Elite Direto. I’ve tried using both ant+ and BLE connections, but had the same experience. I’m up Zwifting before anyone is awake, so there is no interference.

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Windows 10 native BLE and Kickr v2. No issues with ERG mode here.

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I consider getting your microwave checked if it is causing that kind of interference. All the stuff that it does is meant to stay inside of the box…


I’ve seen some reports on the forums of the Direto not changing resistance with ERG mode over the past year. Have you calibrated it recently?

It’s only a few months old :man_shrugging:t2:

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About 2 weeks ago…

Some things are manufactured with faults. I’m not saying that there is definitely a problem, but there might be.

Three people in the house (so, often multiple uses per day) using multiple trainers, all via ATV4k—no issues with ERG mode since latest update (or ever, for that matter).

Our family uses Apple TV Zwift App (screen we view)with Zwift companion on IPhone and we have a Wahoo Kickr smart bike. This week for the first time we have had issues with ERG mode in Zwift workouts. Like other problems described- even though ERG mode is selected resistance does not change, you have to change it manually by shifting. Never had a problem before. Anyone experience the same the same thing and found a solution?

My family was able to resolve our issue. We logged out of each person’s account and logged back in. ERG Mode worked after doing this. :smiley:


Exact same problems, no resolutions from Zwift.
ERG mode has turned off and can’t find thru ZC app.
Use wahoo kickr and apple TV thru ZC app.
ERG mode just disappeared, can’t find a way to find it again.
If I run Zwift thru Z app on phone, then ERG mode option shows up on workouts.
On AppleTV thru ZC app, ERG mode toggle does NOT exist.
Deleted and opened new ZC on phone, accessed account thru new password. Still, NO ERG mode on Z app on AppleTV via phone ZC app.
Any help, please, much appreciated.

did you uninstall and reinstall Zwift Companion on the phone and on the TV? Are you on the latest software?

Yes, ZC uninstalled and re-installed on iphone. Have done the same with Zwift app on AppleTV.

ERG mode does not appear when I run a workout on AppleTV.

However, the ERG mode toggle does appear on the zwift app on my ip[hone if I run zwift on my iphone (which I don’t).

This is crazy that Zwift can’t/won’t fix this.

We still have never had a single problem—knock on wood (ATV4k + Tacx Neo2T).

@Charles_Schwartz out of curiosity, why are you running the whole show through ZC? Why not just straight through ATV? Is it an old kickr? If it’s 2018 or newer (I believe), it should be able (with a firmware update) to send power/cadence/control straight to the ATV via bluetooth and still leave one slot open for HRM, if you use one. But maybe that’s not the situation (?)

The problem seems to be somewhat prevalent. Seen others affected similarly.

My kickr is original 2014 model, I think.
This has run perfectly for years. Never had an issue with ERG mode. The problem just started.
I run everything they ZC because it is the rasiest way to access the three sensors thru one decice rather than splitting it up. The constraint is not kickr, it’s appletv which only has three inputs, two of which can be used foe the kickr/zwift.

Yes, if you have a 2014 Kickr + ATV, I understand why you’re using ZC. I suppose you’re already aware that new Kickrs or the Tacx Neo combine power/cadence/control in one BT signal, so you still have one free for HR on the ATV. If you can access ERG using the phone Z app, it sounds like the culprit is ZC (?) Have you tried confirming as much by letting your Kickr talk directly to ATV (without ZC) by not using cadence/HR—just power and control? Not sure if it’s of any benefit to you to know, actually. Maybe more of a curiosity.

A little more research and seem to have discovered the solution, for whatever reason.

In the connections start-up menu, I need to tap/sync “Controllable” in addition to “Power.” That finally enables ERG to be displayed and be activated.


Just sent you solution.

Thanks for caring and attention