Wild Wattage Fluctuations

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I am also having wild fluctuations. I have a wahoo kickr snap and using a MacBook pro. I have tried using both Bluetooth and ant + with the dingle literally next to the kickr.
When the Bluetooth companion capability came out that seemed to stabilize the fluctuations. However, now no matter what connection method I use the fluctuations are there.I have even tried mix and match. I…e. Heat rate and cadence on ant+ and power and source on companion with same results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi all, 

Here’s what fixed it for me.

I have had the Kickr for 6 weeks with absolutely no issues…loved every second on it. Then 3 days ago the symptoms described by you all in this thread started happening to me. I had changed nothing in my set-up to warrant this ugly behaviour…wild swings in power output despite a consistent 90rpm effort and complete losses of connection (0) watts. So I started reading all of the suggestions on how to fix it and here is what I found…

  1. I decided to start making 1 change at a time and retest between changes.

  2. Change 1 - I deleted and re-installing the Companion App on my phone …this did not fix it. Same symptoms when I tested.

Then I noticed that it was taking longer to connect to my Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor than normal. In fact it was looking for so long I cancelled and tried again. So I wondered…even though the HRM was only 4 weeks old could the battery be flat?

So I replace the battery in my HRM and voila the bluetooth connection was again back to immediate.

So I jumped back on the Kickr and tested again and bingo no more fluctuations in the watts.

So I can only assume that the poor HRM signal was somehow confusing the whole set-up or somehow interfering or maybe the App was continuously trying to reconnect and in doing so upsetting the connection to the Kickr as well. Who know s but my problem is gone.

So I’d suggest that you try replacing all your batteries (Cadence etc as well).

Cheers, Dave

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(Gerhard Wessels) #23

I have a Wahoo Fitness Tickr HRM, Blue Speed & Cadence Sensor - 6 weeks old and a Wahoo Kickr Snap 2 trainer, 1 week old. Zwift is running on a Mac Mini with OS X installed. I see no dropouts on the graphs at the bottom of the Zwift screen and yet my power isn’t stabilizing even at a constant 90rpm. I did the FTP builder program and I scored 2/8 just because I couldn’t hit the target power. Cadence was never a problem since I could control that directly. I had better success when I switched off ERG mode.

All my devices are always picked up instantly and I don’t get dropouts that I can see. 

I will do a test without the HRM to confirm but I am not hopeful.

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