Wifi or 4G on mobile?

(Searched briefly and couldn’t find, but if has been discussed earlier, apologies)

Using Zwift on my phone, in the garage, wifi connection is weak sometimes and phone passes to 4G, automatically. This is not shown during zwifting. Can we have wireless or 4G symbol on top - next to phone charge status?


As long as the wifi is not so weak that’s it’s actually dropping the connection altogether, you can turn this behaviour off. It’s called Smart Network Switch on Android and Wifi Assist on iOS.

Thanks for your quick response Dave, much appreciated. Your advise is definitely effective to avoid unprecedented data usage. My wish of a symbol to see, was mostly for the cases in between - to see how often I use data and how much it stays on WiFi. Saying like this, it did sound very selfish request though :slight_smile:

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