Why Zwift Makes Running So Appealing (and not) - Testimonials from Zwift Runners FB Group

Runners comments from the Facebook Group “Zwift Runners”. We all know that it’s a cost/benefit formula in the end for Zwift and the hardware isn’t their problem (it’s lagging in integration) but there are technological workarounds that drastically reduce the cost/complexity as well. I get what I need for just $1.99. Hop on treadmill, and within less than 30 seconds my speed is perfectly registered and I’m on a virtual track run.

“No sports psychologist can give motivation like Zwift!”

“Two years ago I ran a 5k race in Bologna, Italy (StraBologna). I was very out of shape then and 30 lbs heavier. I barely survived on the cobblestone streets. Today with technology I was able to take part in the Tour de Zwift. I ran with people around the world in, you guessed it - Bologna, Italy!!”

“I am very grateful that I now have people to run with!!! I am nurse and it is so therapeutic to be able to run with people from all over the world! You are the best!!”

“Honestly, I think it’s the lack of advertising. Everybody knows Peleton, Orange Theory, Norditrack, etc. There is name recognition. Nobody I talk to has ever even heard of Zwift, especially for running…”

“I am a Paralympic athlete and I trained for Seville half marathon for a 10 week block by running ONLY on Zwift. I registered 1:19’15” for the race & one of the fastest upper limb deficiency/amputee of all time."

“Inconvenient, Learning Curve, Inconsistent with TM speed, Few other runners, Cost of Footpod and no immediate impact on run itself like a smart trainer has.
I’ve fallen in love with it and don’t run indoors without it but it’s a big chasm to cross.”