Why restrict training plan progress??

(Steve Wilson) #1

Love the new training plans but really frustrating that you limit progress between each ride and have a cooling off period.  Why do this?  Please leave to me to arrange around a very variable travel schedule and understand my load - happy for you to recommend how much rest I should have.  I shouldn’t be forced to take a day off between workouts.  Example - on the Build Me Up plan - completed the pedalling drill workout (all 30 mins of it with very little effort) and now forces me to leave 32 hours till next workout which means I cant even do it the next day at the same time.  Seems rather absurd.  You should allow flexibility here.  Probably heading back to trainerroad soon as I can do things out of order, skip and come back, do things out of order and use the plan as a guide rather than a rigorous timetable.  Would love to see you consider changes here (quickly!)



(David K) #2

The new Training Plans all work a bit differently. Each workout should state how many workouts a week are planned. If there’s less than 7 workouts in a week, Zwift will count down more than 24 hours between upcoming workouts. If you’re looking for one that will allow you to train every day, any plan that offers 7 workouts a week would be your best option.

Each Training Plan is scheduled to keep riders on-track, setting goals, and aiming for results. Allowing people to select any portion of a Training Plan at any time does kinda defeat the purpose.

Most of the Training Plans aim to start on a Monday, so if you accept them on a Thursday, you may get a few filler training sessions first until the proper plan schedule starts on the following Monday.

You can also select any of our older built-in workouts whenever you’d like or even import hundreds of created workouts from sites like WhatsOnZwift to ride whenever you’d like.

(Steve Wilson) #3

First of all this is just my feedback and you can take, validate with other feedback if you choose and decide.  I do appreciate you taking the time to reply though - just wanted to point that out.  As it stands doesn’t fit my needs but that is personal preference.

I get the structure you are trying to do but seems to assume people have a constant schedule and know they can fit in workouts spread equally across a week.  Doesn’t work for me and I am sure others - if I am travelling Thurs to Tue then I am going to do some cramming and compress one week into the start of week 1 and the next week to the end of week 2.  As I said great you provide recommendations but I don’t see why you have to force it and not let me just do the next workout even a day ahead of when you have it planned.

Not asking for you to allow any order (I was just stating trainerroad does) but don’t enforce gaps between workouts if <7 a week - from your explanation seems you are just distributing over a week with no notion of effort and forcing larger gaps for higher effort so doesn’t seem logical to me.  And I don’t want to train every day and pick a plan with 7 workouts a week - that is not my intent.

Only platform I have seen with this hard view on you must follow the exact timing we say. 


(selcuk dirik) #4

I totally agree with Steve, it is really frustrating to have such an unnecessary strict plan.

It is now 12:25 on Saturday and I would like to follow on my plan but the workout was unavailable (which I believe gone off a couple of hours ago) and the next one is in 42 hours which is Monday. Oppps all weekend passed because of the setting you guys made.

This is something you should definitely consider and change. Most of your customers are amateurs and need flexibility in planning.

I m a new customer but already seriously thinking to switch to other online training programs if I don’t have the flexibility. 

(David K) #5

Even if you don’t want to use our structured Training Plans, you can still choose any of our normal workouts at any time, and there are hundreds if not thousands of other workouts available through WhatsOnZwift too.

You’re right; our training plans aren’t for everyone. We’re not attempting to lock anyone into a weekly training workout - that’s why we provide both options - the training plans that are organized by schedule and our regular workouts that can be selected at any time.

(Matthias Hohenberger) #6

I agree absolutely with these comments. The workouts in principle are a great idea, but these arbitrary restrictions don’t make any sense. It artificially locks people out of completing the plan for absolutely no reason. Of course there are other options to chose from, and of course one can say, well it’s not for you, but that’s still not a valid argument for locking people out with an artificial timer. And presumably this feature is intended to grow, so why not make it as user-friendly as possible by allowing people to do the workouts whenever they can or want to. Suggesting a time window for completion is all good and, in fact, appreciated. But enforcing it is simply frustrating, especially since the plans are advertised as being flexible.

(Fez Rockbottom) #7

Just to play devil’s advocate, I actually appreciate the built in days off.  I take it as a reminder get in some rest, especially after coming off of an injury.  If I really need to punish my tendons and joints I can always free ride or hit a favorite workout.

(Campbell Nunn) #8

I’ve used Zwift now for around 2 years and it’s been excellent, however I’m unhappy with this setup…

To add to the frustration of the above situations, I’m locked out of a ride I missed by an hour or so - it was supposed to be one of the longer 1:35 sessions of the gran fondo program to complete the first week. 

So now my options are to not do this session and then still ramp up to the over 2 hour long ride to complete next week’s program?

Or just quite doing the program all together?

Doesn’t make sense? Please help?

(John Colash) #9

I agree with previous opinions. I run into a similar issue - I started the plan on Thursday, and missed my third workout because the plan rigidly ends weeks on Sundays.   

I definitely would like to see more flexibility in the scheduling.  

(David K) #10

There is more flexibility coming soon. We just discovered that some workouts were misreporting the downtime between them, stating a full 24 hours when the workout becomes unavailable after 12 hours. Our next update releasing shortly should correct that which means less missed scheduled workouts.

(Mark Pelm) #11

David K.

I find the start time of the work outs a bit restrictive too. They only seem to become available at 05.30 on the day. I would prefer that they are available anytime after midnight… I am a shiftworker and can be awake at odd hours so starting a workout at 02.30 (or earlier) should be an option.

Also, is it just me or is the scrolling and constant wobble of the workout plan annoying as a fart in an elevator… For goodness sake just make it scroll like normal…

The day scheduling doesn’t really bother me, I have flexibility but I did get caught out at the start and missed a couple…

There are a few grammatical errors in some of the text too…

Good workout though :slight_smile:

Cheers Mark …

(David K) #12

The start and end time of workouts should be fixed in our next update. We did notice a bug where workouts were becoming unavailability roughly 12 hours before they should have. I’m not sure there’s much we’re going to do about extending workout availability past 12am, but that’s something our developers will certainly take into consideration.

I’ve noticed that wobble you’re talking about personally. That is a bit annoying and a lot of our members have commented on it. I’m sure that’s something we will be changing really soon.

We’re always working to make Zwift more intuitive, so thank you for your ideas!

(Mark Pelm) #13

Hi … David K

Not sure if I was clear, I would prefer if the workouts were available straight after midnight of the day that they are available unless of course you have just completed a workout the day before at a late hour… I find waiting until 05.30 to start a workout a pain if I want to go riding IRL with friends at 07.00


Cheers Mark …

(W Hofer) #14

Hi David. 

I echo all these comments above, particularly the workout start time. Currently have a workout that says I have until Monday morning to do it but it goes unavailable at 5:30 am which isn’t really feasible. I’m glad these are being fixed. 

Is there a timeline for that? 

Lastly, just wanted to say thanks for taking the comments on board. Really appreciate it. 



(David K) #15

Hey, Wayne.

The good news is that if you’re using a Mac or PC, the update should have already gone out. If you’re not noticing training plan changes on those platforms, please check for Zwift updates. However, we’re still waiting for an iOS and Zwift Companion update that should be going out within the next two weeks.

Thanks for your patience!

(Mark Pelm) #16

David K
My workouts are still not available until 05.30.
I am using a PC so it should check for updates automatically.
My next workout is available in 37 hours, 43.5 hours after I started the last one.

If anything the wobble is more pronounced now than before, for goodness sake stop the bloody wobble !!!It is not a cool feature it is just really really really annoying !!!
I click the arrow to go right or left one workout and it goes across a week or two and won’t stop… GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

(Michelle Ball) #17

Hi David

I’m very new to riding and Zwift and decided an FTP build plan would suit me. First week considered of a foundation ride, tempo, strength, foundation with a fifth ride for the week as optional. Foundation ride was completed Sunday morning with the Tempo ride not available for 17 hours. That evening I chose to do an Anaerobic Capicity ride. Today after work I went back to my plan only to find both Tempo and Strength rides not there. My plan said I needed to do another foundation ride. Is the system that intuitive that it knows I did an extra ride or because the tempo ride was opened this morning and I was at work and I didn’t complete it, does it think I have skipped the session?

Please let me know so I can structure my plan. Also if the plan advises 3 or 4 rides a week, can the riders schedule when they plan to complete the training rides during the week or are we locked into particular days. I’m hoping we can have flexibility when we train due to other life commitments.
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated

Cheers Michelle

(. Scotty II) #18


I like the training plans, but missed the week 2 session ride yesterday, and was planning to complete that session today. Now that session shows unavailable, and I really wanted to complete that specific session. 

Seems like there is not as much flexibility in the plans as Zwift has stated.


(B S Johansen) #19


Please give more flexibility for people travelling away for the weekend.

Bjørn Sigurd

(Brett Howell MGCC (D)) #20

Agree with the comments above. The reason why Zwift appeals to me is the flexibility of use. I have three kids and a busy life. There are times when I might not be able to follow the training regime as you have it defined. That doesn’t mean I should be shut out of a program. You gotta give flexibility and let people have control over their workouts. I cannot always plan my life around cycling. I have never used trainer road but will consider the platform if you maintain your current policies.