Why I've cancelled my Zwift subscription

(Nigel ) #21

Are you on wifi Dave? The update went through in a matter of seconds for me. Wifi from my experience can be slow.

I run Trainerroad on my Phone and Zwift on my PC purely for entertainment. I quite enjoy customizing my Avatar.

(Dave) #22

yes wifi, but download speeds are 75+mbps so I would hope that wouldnt be an issue. I left it for hours and it just hangs on the upgrade screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling fresh with the same results. I spent a lot of that trying to resolve the issue but something is wrong somewhere but I just dont think I care to spend any more time attempting to resolve it.

Moving on -> I just finished my first work out using maximum trainer - clean, simple and best of all its free.

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(Babs) #23

I totally agree. I much prefer country, scenic courses. Far more enjoyable.

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(Tulipunane) #24

I’m going totally off topic here but tastes are so different! For example, I want:

  1. the best online racing experience I can get on a trainer

And that’s it! All the other modes (group workouts, rides etc) and social aspects etc don’t matter at all to me. The €15 I pay per month is purely for being able to participate in Zwift races complemented by ZwiftPower and €0 for everything else. If I had to choose what I pay for. I’ve tried all of the other modes as well but I’d rather watch TV. So I think I picked the app on the market that provides closest experience to what I want. More or less. That said, Zwift is far from perfect yet.

It seems you are looking for something entirely different. Fortunately there are other up and coming apps that suit your needs much better.

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(William) #25

Still no integration with Wahoo line… Im out too

(Paul) #26

What are you referring to?

And searching you on the ZCA app shows you have 0 miles on Zwift.

(David) #27

Sounds to me like a problem with your machine or setup rather than Zwift. The drop shop update took around 10 minutes on my PC and wifi (at less than your quoted speed) with the subsequent smaller updates taking 10-15 seconds at most.

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