Why I've cancelled my Zwift subscription

(Tom) #1

Hi Zwift,

Just a bit of feedback about why I’ve just cancelled my Zwift subscription, in case it’s useful.

  • Emphasis on city locations for most of the courses. I live in a city, I don’t want to ride in one, I want pretty countryside to look at as I ride.

  • Flat(ish) courses. A few more big climbs wouldn’t go amiss, like the Alpe. In competing software, I can ride real HC climbs if I feel like it.

  • Cartoonish and gimmicky scenery. Honestly, glass roads and flying cars? We’re cyclists, not DC/Marvel obsessives. For me, I’d like realistic and convincing scenery.

  • No choice over courses. This has two problems: if like me you hate the NY course, you can’t choose anywhere else, and all 6000-odd users are trapped in the same few kilometres of road, meaning that I get about 3FPS (not an exaggeration, and compared to 40 on an emptier course) and can scarcely even see the road at times.

  • Too few courses. I get tired of riding the same places over and over.

  • Flat price rate, regardless of whether you use Z 3 times a month or 5 times a week. The subscription’s cheap if this is your main ride, but if you only use it occasionally then it’s expensive. A couple of different for low- and high-use riders would be more attractive.

The main reason I stayed with Z for a long time past when all this started to annoy me was automatic workout integration with Today’s Plan, but finally I’ve decided that that’s not enough. I’ve gone to a competitor who’s just over half the price and let’s me ride real, video-captured alpine HC climbs and other beautiful roads around the world, and a different road every day. I just watch my bike computer for the workout prompts.


(Nigel ) #2

You can ride Watopia at all times if you choose. You then have also can ride the course of the day which could be New York, Innsbruck, London or Richmond.

I agree about too many cities. You would think that making a course without lots of building would be a whole heap easier. I’m still waiting for some beautiful scenery courses / routes like what we see in the Giro.

Yeah on the busy days with over 10,000 riders I’ve dropped my graphics settings from Ultra to High to keep the frame up. 3 fps would be painful.

(..Troy) #3

Hi Tom,

I can see what your saying and agree on points like glass roads, flying cars,
and 3FPS.
But I think you are focusing only on some of the negative points.

On the plus side I feel it is worth the money as I can ride when I like,
for as long as I like. This means for me, rather than cycling getting in the
way of my social/family life I can fit it around it. A massive plus I think.

Before I found Zwift I could barely do an hour on rollers and way less
on a static trainer. Zwift has totally changed that. An hour is gone in no
time. I love cycling, I never thought I enjoy indoor cycling though!

The world choice has been a great plus I think for many Zwifters. You
would never have to to NYC again if you didn’t want to and Watopia
has some good climbs as does Innsbruck/London. The world choice
has also reduced the number of riders in a world. There seems to be
a rough 50/50 split. Watopia is often less populated at times which
might help your frame rate.

For me no more cold, wet winter rides and I manage to keep off most of
the weight I usually put on over a winter period. From a cost point of
view, its cheaper than joining the gym and if it can help us stay healthy
has got to be worth it.

Don’t forget the racing side of Zwift. I have never worked so hard or
enjoyed losing so much. For me it doesn’t matter what position I am
having other keen riders around me helps me push myself, that and not
wanting to end up in no-mans.

I quite like the social side of Zwift also and they seem to be steadly
improving the overall experience bit by bit.
I will admit that I haven’t tried any other on line cycling sites so I have
nothing to compare Zwift to. So I don’t know what I’m missing.

I know Zwift is not perfect and for many they never address a problem
quick enough. But for me they have totally transformed indoor cycling
and so I am more than willing to over look some of the issues.

Sorry to go on. I’ll stop now.

All the best with your new venture.
Ride On

(Tony Weisse) #4

Interesting comment about there being too many riders. When I was evaluating different environments. the thing I like about Zwift was that there are always some other riders (even though I almost always ride alone outdoors). In one of the apps I’d be lucky to ever see another rider.

Has there been a suggestion to filter riders? For example, not show riders in a group ride, in a race, doing a workout, above/below a specified level.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #5

Absolutely that, in a nutshell.

Not everyone wants to do workouts, not everyone wants to race. There are plenty who, like me, simply want to keep a reasonable level of fitness and no more. It would hardly be beyond the collective abilities of the people at Zwift to bring in a pricing structure that reflects what users actually want rather than what Zwift thinks we should have but they choose not to.

It just seems to me, regrettably, that now they are more “mainstream” they are looking far more at the corporate, professional side and leaving the needs of their core base far behind.

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #6

Lots of services are like this though. Just look at Netflix, you pay a flat rate whether you watch one movie a week or three seasons a week. Whether you watch just comedies or browse the entire collection.

When it comes to zwift all of the development benefits all of the users in one way or another. Under the alternative pricing structure say 70% of the revenue comes from casual users, and this is used to develop a new course. Would you ban racing on it because the racers have contributed less?

It’s swings and roundabouts at the end of the day.

(James) #7

May I ask, what is the competitor app you are referring to? Im a newbie, but your comments are well taken,

(Daren) #8

Speak for yourself. I’m both. :smiley:

(Rick) #9

I agree. In addition to not being able to pick your coarse, people (including me) have been asking for them to add a ghost rider for three years, a very easy thing for them to do, but they’ve totally ignored our requests. I also would like to know which riding program you switched too?

(donny) #10

personally, i think most your reasons are pretty silly, but to each their own!

  • Watopia is mostly countryside. so is a good part of London. and watopia is always available, so you’ve always got miles and miles of countryside at your disposal in zwift

  • there are quite a few climbs in zwift, but i’m with you here, id love more too. i love climbing

  • aesthetic is totally a personal preference, so i can’t knock you here either. i love zwift’s look and i much MUCH prefer it to those live video options that speed up or slow down with your speed. zwift is pretty much a video game after all

  • no choice over courses? did you miss the last update or something? you’ve got watopia and the “guest world” of the day, which is almost always more populated than watopia, even on the days where it’s a world that a lot of people seem to dislike. goes to show that the complainers usually make more noise than the majority

  • i would love more courses too, but i mean we’ve had like 3 in the past year so far? and i hear more are coming. personally I can’t complain about that too much

  • and like mike said, zwift is a subscription service, like netflix. tho i wish it were a little more like Netflix and let us add more users on one account with a bump in price, rather than a whole new $15 sub for each person

so yeah, your reasons are your own and you’re welcome to them, but i find most of them pretty silly myself.

also, rick, the ghost rider thing obviously isn’t “a very easy thing for them to do” lmao. some of you are a pretty entitled bunch, aintcha

(Tom) #11

Good response, Troy! Thanks for taking the time. You make several good points, and perhaps I’ll be back to Zwift in time.


(Tom) #12

Hi James and Rick,

I don’t think it’s quite fair that I use Zwift’s forum to recommend a competitor. The point of my post wasn’t to attempt to persuade anyone else away from Zwift, which I have used and loved for years, but only to give my little bit of feedback to them about my particular reasons for trying something new. If they end up implementing some of that, I may very well be back.

I suppose what I really want in an indoor riding app is:

  1. realistic, pretty countryside to help distract me (ideally a big selection of real-world locations)
  2. compatibility with my own workouts from other software, that I use on-road and off

Cheers all for reading and replying to my little post (which I wish I’d titled less combatively.)


(..Troy) #13

Cheers Tom,

I hope I’ll still be here when/if you do
hopefully, Zwift will have continued improving and addressed some of the issues.

Ride On

(Steve) #14

I’ve just cancelled zwift as the weather is getting better and I’ll be out in the real world… I would of kept my membership running but at £12.99pm for the off day if use over the summer it will be expensive…
Mr zwift… why not do a 12 months membership for the price of 9… Perhaps you will keep more members…

(Daren) #15

But you’ll be back again next winter, right? :wink:

(Steve) #16

Yes… but would like it all year round. But can’t justify the £12.99pm when not using zwift regularly…

(Daren) #17

Yeah, I get that. For me, it’s about perception - perceived value specifically.

While £13 per month might seem poor value in the summer, it’s good value in the winter.

They could charge based on usage, e.g. £5/m in summer, £20/m in winter. If it was based on time spent on the platform, the difference might be even higher. But over the year it evens out to the flat rate £13.

Like how I pay my gas & electricity bill. I overpay in the summer, and underpay in the winter. It’s great as it helps me budgest and I don’t suddenly find I have a big bill because there was a cold snap.

(Steve) #18

Get the point :+1::+1:

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #19

It all comes down to the same point. I was happy to pay £8 per month all year round; I’m not happy to pay £13 per month when the weather is better and I simply want to use Zwift to keep reasonably fit and minus the bells and whistles. There is, of course, a free alternative which will provide exactly what I want…not anywhere near as good as Zwift, naturally, but it will certainly do for the better weather months.

(Dave) #20

I cancelled today as well. I got up and had the intent to ride, got geared up and ready to go only to find out that I had to update. I started the update 4 hours later it is still going(im on my second attempt now). Basically I have lost my opportunity to ride for today. I have no interest in the gimmicky crap of dressing myself up in an online world as if I am a 10 year old girl with a Barbie doll. I think the NY course is silly and while Zwift is fun at times I simply find that it is not a training tool (Yes I do know about and have used the workout sessions) and more of a nuisance with slow loading times and slow unnecessary updates. I will “ride out” the remainder of the month as I have already paid for it but will be going back to trainerroad for next winters sessions. .