Why is Zwift so frustrating

Not sure if it’s me but why does Zwift make it so damn hard to find anything. I did the snow series sprint today, my 1st but I think there’s been 5 or 6 already. I can’t find out how many there are or when they are. Is there an easy way?
Also on Zwift power there is supposed to be a league which is based on your best 10 results but I can only find the results from today, not the accumulated points ( I know it’s only my 1st race so therefore I’d be at the bottom)

It’s true Zwift don’t have a good way to find events, but you can search for races more conveniently on the ZwiftHacks events page, or on zwiftracing.app

For the Snow series in particular, the event description directs you to a couple Facebook groups:

There’s also the club Discord if you prefer:

Finding information is not as easy as it should be. I’m sure they will answer your Facebook comment but if not this might help:

In Description wording of:

“There will be a league table on ZwiftPower: ‘SNOW Sprint Series Season 5’ and your best 10 races count.”

Almost points you in the right direction for the league table - I think it is actually season 7 now.

It’s not been updated for 5 days but when it is I think you will be in top 10, well done in your second place on your race.

You can search and sort events here