Why is this still happening?

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The two races that keep him in ZP B are older than 60 days and his performances in last 60 days look to make his CP less than 3.2wkg. I’d add that if his current form continues, he’ll be a ZP C soon enough.

Regardless of his past, present, and future numbers he has a green category “B” on his profile and was allowed in a category “C”race….also he wasn’t treating the ride as though his form was off… he TT’d the last mile at 4-5 watt/kg this was right after the climb… obviously he was riding for the win…

The best part about this whole issue… I race currently in C+ for DIRT. I have teammates that are category “C” and were forced to race in todays race in category “B” and their zwiftpower average is lower then mine ?!?

Without looking, this often happens because one uses a 60d window and the other a 90d window to look at efforts to determine categorization. So keep this in mind when you go look at ZP.

ZP B is not the same as CE B - two totally different assessment criteria and he is doing nothing wrong. Best to read the first post in this thread - the PDF referenced really nails why you cant compare the two systems…

If I was racing down a category, and took a win I would certainly feel like I was doing something wrong, and I know many other legit racers would feel the same. I will keep to league racing like WTRL …aka proper racing… zwift racing events apparently are for cheaters. Thanks for the info

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I think his Critical Power is just very close to the Cat B…his High Watts because of 103kg are his advantage.

Check this thread it’s even worse example than yours.

I’m really impressed that this hasn’t been locked down with you naming another rider publicly. I mean I’m getting put in zwift forums timeouts for memes. Haha Good luck I hope they can help you.

If you think racing is purely about power-to-weight ratio at FTP, then stick to time trials because you’re not racing.

you need to ignore zwiftpower for anything other than results when it comes to zwifts method of category enforcement for races as they use different date ranges and power metrics to determine your category