Why is the race timer drunk?

I did the tri academy 5k yesterday, finish time was right @ 18:35 at the line. then the results board pops up and says my finish time is 19:04 and i can see my running timer is still at 18:47 and counting! how can it be off by this much? this seems like a simple problem to fix…i know i have heard many others grumble about this and some youtube videos trying to explain where the extra seconds come from. imagine if Kipchoge tried to do a sub 2 hr marathon on zwift…nope, sorry you get a penalty minute!!

Check zwiftpower… it’s more reliable then Zwift places.

zwiftpower finish time says the same thing, 19:04

The race timer that is used for the results starts when the countdown goes to zero, the elapsed time counter on your screen only starts when you cross the line at the exit from the pen area.

i think that is what the youtube video also was saying. but does that mean we are running 5k plus whatever distance from time zero to pen exit? or is the pen exit to finish line actually less than 5k? either way it is ridiculous that they can’t simply get it right! why is it made more complicated then it has to be?

Sounds like is basically gun time vs chip time

which i think we all are okay with in real life races…but this is not reality. there is no reason for gun/chip discrepancy