Why is rider Ferguson riding a "C" race and winning by 3 minutes?

(Vincent W.) #1

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I rode a “C” ride last might and I’m doing pretty good. Then at minute 8 I realize there’s a “C” rider “Ferguson” that’s a full minute ahead of the fastest “C” rider.

This “Ferguson” completed the race a full 3 minutes before the fastest “C” rider.

If this person’s so fast, then why is he riding a “C” race?

Here’s at minute 8: https://i.stack.imgur.com/q3Wp2.jpg

Here the “C” guy is winning the “C” race by over 3 minutes: https://i.stack.imgur.com/YgB84.jpg

Why is this happening? It’s pretty discouraging, to say the least.

I talked to other riders in this same race and they consider this cheating.

(David Bossert TeamType1) #2

Racing Cat is purely down to w/kg. It is possible at the start of a race to jump into a faster group (mainly of B and perhaps A riders), and then sit back and just stay in the group. Its likely that “Ferguson” was successful making the large effort needed to get into that group and is near his limit just to stay in that group. He took the risk of blowing up early to make early effort and get into that group, and unfortunately its part of all the Cats starting at the same time. Your group had a D rider in it. They likely used a similar tactic to make it into your group. I’m not saying he isn’t cheating but its is possible to win a category by a few minutes and be completely legit just by making a good jump out of the start gate.

(lukas ranicar) #3

you should be racing B cat with your w/kg