Why is customer support so bad?

I purchased a trainer which isn’t working, I would like to return it or exchange it for a different trainer, no one replies to my email and there is no one available on your contact line.

Any answers to this problem?

Hi @gregory_shaw welcome to Zwift forums!

I work on the Customer Support team at ZwiftHQ. Now that you’ve brought it my attention, I see the three emails you’ve sent in the past 4 hours, and am feeling your frustration. Allow me to close those tickets out and help you out here.

I can help you with the equipment return if you like. However, I’m looking through the various sessions you’ve ridden so far, and may have some suggestions to get the resistance to feel more like they should. The H2 is a great trainer, and I’m inclined to think we can resolve it with some guidance on your settings in-game. Please let me know which path you’d prefer to take.

I have the m2 and the issue I have is that I can’t calbriate it with the resistance knob turned like it states in in the instructions, when I loosen it the rear wheel slips. Anyway due to me spending all day trying to contact someone from customer support with no luck I have returned the the trainer at ups and will be trying a different one which may be easier to set up

Roger that. Please feel free to ping me here if I can assist you further.

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Sounds like excellent customer service to me.