Why I Zwift. (Am I aberrant?)

Having just filled out another Zwift survey I was reminded that I have never seen the correct option in the list of multiple choice answers for the question, “Why do you ride Zwift?”

Am I the only one who rides on Zwift because I like it?

I don’t ride on Zwift to be social. I don’t ride on Zwift to compete in sanctioned events. I don’t ride on Zwift for training.

I ride on Zwift because I like riding a bike, I cannot always ride outside, Zwift is always there, AND on Zwift there is always someone to chase and always someone to try to stay in front of.

I have a nice immersive setup so riding Zwift is as pseudo realistic as I can get it and I ride just to ride.

Am I alone in this mindset?

@shooj I don’t know if it is possible to add an answer such as, “I just like riding on Zwift.” to the multiple choice list, but that would better represent why I have ridden Zwift since 2017.
Jimmie Will

Hey @Jimmie_Will_Richey_I , welcome back to the Forums!
Thanks for this feedback - super useful! I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our R&D team, so they can improve on these survey responses. Cheers!


Not alone as far as I’m concerned. I am using it for training too, but that’s not the only reason. :person_shrugging: It’s enjoyable.

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Yeah, i’m like you. I ride Zwift because it’s enjoyable - more enjoyable than any other bike program. I don’t race and i don’t train, i just ride.


It’s not just you.


Thanks for the feedback @Jimmie_Will_Richey_I ! And thanks for taking time to fill out the survey!

In future surveys I’ll add a because it’s fun option on questions like “Why do you Zwift?”

Ride on!

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Just a few days ago I thought about starting the same subject for the same reason. You’re not alone.