Why i can't delete activities in my.zwift.com?

(Karolis Dabulskis) #1

Atfer deleting activies, they simply reapear again. What is this?

(Paul Allen) #2

Known issue and Zwift is working on it.

(Josie (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Karolis,

Paul is correct - we are still working on it.


(Chad Johnson) #4

Is there an issue I can subscribe to so I get notified when this gets fixed?


(Jorge Caldeira [NoCheaters]) #5

I was also not being able to delete some activities, but I find out that I can´t delete them when using “Safari” but I can delete them using “Chrome” or “Opera” browsers.

Hope it helps

(Raul Veldhuizen-AD '55 ZHR (G)) #6

Quite a surprise!!! Such a logic thing… And simple, I would say…  But maybe there’s aspects I’m not aware of.

There are more though… like time not stopping after finishing, at least for the Zwift registration.

Guess it’s a matter of priorities.

(Jim Mauck [Team ADHD America]) #7

Seems to be available in all browsers now. Log in to Zwift, select Activities, hit the pencil icon for edit and delete options.