Why DQed?

I got a “DQ” for the event ID #1667142 (It won’t let me add a link for some reason)

I don’t understand why. I was wearing a heart rate monitor and using the same (calibrated) power source (Garmin Vector 3 pedals) that I use day in day out.

Can you explain why I got a DQ please?

Many Thanks

Was this a group ride? I am not familiar with how that works. It is listed as a B Cat ride but calls out 3.0-3.2 in the ride title? Many were DQ’d for being an A racer and/or over 3.2? Sorry I cannot be more help.

Others were given HR for missing HR.

Yep, it was a group ride not a race and the “B cat” is just to advise pace, its not limited to only B cats, its not a race and any cat riders are free to join to best of my knowledge - if anyone has been disqualified based on cat this is an error to the best of my knowledge, its a group ride open to all.

I do this ride every single week and have never been DQed before. I used same power source, same HR monitor, was not disruptive (didn’t even use chat once), I can’t think why I was DQed!

How can I get this resolved?

Please read: https://forums.zwift.com/t/zwiftpower-discussions-now-hosted-here-january-2021

Closing this thread.

I looked more and the “winner” is an A+ rider so I would assume that the DQ was not based on Cat then since he was not DQ’d. I have no idea, sorry.