Why DQed form event?

(apologies for starting a new thread, but the old one was closed - I believe in error - and so I can’t continue the conversation or query the guidance)

My initial thread was thread ID “why-dqed/534865” asking why I got a “DQ” from a race.

The last post in the thread closed the thread and referred me to the process outlined at URL “why-was-i-flagged-is-this-other-racer-legit/507463”

However the post at that URL clealy states that the process is NOT for use with queries over “DQ” status? It states:
“The form is not to ask to remove single disqualifications (results tagged withDQ, WKG, 20MIN, etc.)”

It does not seem appropriate therefore, and my queries is therefore still outstanding.

Can I ask you not close this thread without clearer explanation of how you want me to proceed please? The link you posted does not seem applicable.

Please read: https://forums.zwift.com/t/zwiftpower-discussions-now-hosted-here-january-2021/

Closing this thread.