Why does Zwift promote hatred and division?

I posted a topic about why Zwift doesn’t have a heterosexual month like they do a gay pride month and was chastised and attacked for my views and my chosen lifestyle. Zwift closed my thread saying is was offensive. That is reprehensible. Zwift thinks living a heterosexual lifestyle is offensive? Why would Zwift support and promote such hatred and division? I am accepting of all people and I help all people, volunteer to feed the homeless and other charities but I shouldn’t even have to mention anything like that… I expect the same respect that I give others. Why is that so difficult? So much for inclusion and diversity.

This is nuts! I’m being singled out and oppressed, discriminated against by Zwift because I see all people as equals. That’s insane. At least I know where Zwift stands. They stand to promote division.

I think you are confusing hate with mockery or ridicule.



Definitely not hatred, just disappointment.

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Oh Randy. Randy Randy Randy…