why does it take 13 seconds to go 100m at 27mph?

(Chria Hazlitt (C)) #1

I have noticed that on the flat run-in to the lap finish line, it often takes me 13-20 seconds per 100m, even though I’m going 25+ mph. Today I paid close attention, and it took me 13 seconds to cover the final 100m, even though I maintained 27mph. This should have taken somewhere between 8 and 9 seconds. Any idea why this is happening?

(Eric Min) #2

Where are you reading the speed from?

(Dieter Neirinck - KISS-C) #3

I’ve noticed the same thing on that final stretch. Was guessing that the 100 meter marker was more than 100 meters from the arch. Math is easy in metric. 30kph = 2kpm = 120 secs for 1k so 12 secs for 100 meter. I often need 17 secs for the final 100 meter while I’m doing >30 kph.

(Dieter Neirinck - KISS-C) #4

2 minutes per km, not 2 kpm (in previous answer)

(Chria Hazlitt (C)) #5

Yes, I wonder if someone just guesstimated when they were doing the first round of coding then never changed it? And to answer the first question and clarify my original post, I’m using a Stages PM and the speed I’m reporting is game speed, so it should match the distance covered.

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #6

A while back one of the devs admitted that the signs were not placed with the utmost accuracy.