Why do I want to watch someone?

On my third Zwift ride today, I was clicking around the Android app, and while attempting to give someone a thumbs up (which I never did figure out), I somehow started watching them? The camera followed this person from different angles as they rode. It was weird! Why would I want to do that? And did that person know I was watching?

It felt kind of voyeuristic. How is that feature intended to be used?

I’ve wondered the same thing. The only legit use I can imagine is if you want to study how other riders respond to various terrain changes. Still kinda weird… and I also wondered if they knew. If not, that seems even creepier.

Its useful in a group ride. ‘Fan View’ as it is known can be used to see where a rider is. So if someone asks for help as they have been dropped you can check where they are and if they are on a TT bike.
Also good to use if someone is complaining about pace on a group ride. You can see if they have pulled with any flyers.

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There are serious teams in some races who have their ‘director sportive’ watching and giving advice. Last night I saw video of one where the watcher was telling members of a time trial team when to roll through to the front.

Probably not the original reason for the feature but an inventive and serious use.

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I’ve watched a mate race a couple of times and thought it was really interesting, especially the hilly sections.

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The rider doesn’t know they are being watched. Sometimes I’ll be at work when either my wife or a friend is riding, and I’ll log in and see how they are doing. I’ll sometimes text them in Zwift and give some encouragement, especially if I see them cranking up Alpe du Zwift.

I’ve also watched some pro riders on course or during a race, just to see what’s going on. Kind of fun to do sometimes. Ride On!

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There is no badge for being watched, but you do get the Paparazzi badge after using fan view for a total of 15 minutes.

I use it for DSing, watching races, and of course also momentarily for giving ride ons to nearby riders in events because there is no better way to do it… I presume it can be useful for coaching as well. As for watching others just for the heck of it, can’t really see the point.

There is no badge for being watched

OOPS! Thank you for correcting me on that (it was a while ago, and I should have double checked). I have edited my post. Ride On.