Why didn't I get the route badge?

I can’t find any explanation for why I’m not seeing the “Muir and the Mountain” route badge in my badges after completing (I thought) that route yesterday. I chose the route at the beginning. My final ride distance was 25.25 miles; that route is 21.2 miles plus a 3.2 mile lead-in which is 24.5 miles - I rode more than the route + lead-in distance. What am I missing?
I was hoping to set a next goal of completing all the Watopia route badges, so I need to understand what went wrong here.

Your activity says that you got the Muir and the Mountain badge. If it’s not showing up in your badges, it might be that you were logged in on multiple devices at once (which really confuses Zwift).


Sometimes it takes a second log in to Zwift for a badge to show up in the Garage.

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Thank you David and Steve for responding. It’s true that I was logged in on multiple devices while selecting the ride, because I was trying to find the routes I hadn’t yet done on one device while choosing a route to ride on another. However, I’ve logged out of everything, and restarted the zwift app on my computer several times AND restarted the computer. The badge still isn’t showing up in the list.

I’m pretty sure you will need to ride it again.

You can print out a list of all route from zwiftinsider.com and check them off.

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Or use zwifthub.com to check them off as you complete them. Easy ways to track which routes you’ve done so you don’t have to do the 2nd login thing.

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