Why cheat?

So, I was taking part in the TOW stage 2 today and the guy in front was running a steady 7-15 min/mile.
However as he was about to be passed by a quicker runner his pace increased to 5-20 min/miles! A quick check on fan view showed his heart rate dropping to below 100 so he was quite clearly not on the treadmill!
Do people really take it that seriously?
Have to say I laughed out loud thinking about how pathetic it was…
He was caught right on the finish line too :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve said it before elsewhere, but it bears repeating. People cheat because they lack self respect. Cheers.


People cheat in cycling so it’s inevitable they’ll do it on running.
Why?..who knows.

TOW21 isn’t a race and you don’t get a prize for coming first. Just like cycling I ignore them.


People are idiots


They cheat because they can. Because they are so pathetic and their world is so small that it seems to be something worthwhile to them. It’s not like it’s leading towards anything, if you „show“ potential this way, you will have to prove it on a real track eventually…which of course will never happen.

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Bang on…
I would be quite a competitive person myself but I also know my limits.
Each to their own I suppose…

Some people may “cheat” because they do not have an equipment which can be properly calibrated, or they do not know know how to calibrate, or do not bother to calibrate. Since in Zwift there are no prizes, one can only cheat themselves.

Another one I don’t get is running up the likes of Ventoux but not using any incline, why???
Took me over 2 hours to do it today but I matched the incline the whole way. Legs are feeling it now!

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I get what you’re saying, but some folks just like the scenery :wink: