Why can't Zwift apply gearing to resistance?

(Claude Biron) #1

I have SRAM eTap which communicates the gear I’m in via ANT+.  Couldn’t Zwift use this to set resistance on the road to provide the most realistic ride?

(Mark Hewitt) #2

You already change the resistance you are feeling because you’ve changed gear. Otherwise no idea what you mean.

(Claude Biron) #3

I mean it’s not realistic to be doing 55 kph (35 mph) in a 36-19 gear doing 90rpm cadence.  But I get it now, in Zwift it’s power only.  OK fine.

(Tyler Shannon) #4

Hi Claude,

eTap will not transmit power, as it is only transmits a gearing choice. To communicate power, you’ll need a power meter or a smart trainer.