Why can not I drive

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #1
Hello friends, I have 2 weeks ago the first time zwift  
 on youtube seen. I liked that. Now my bike has been   
equipped with a training tire and a cadence with ANT+  
 sensor.And for my PC ANT+Donngle.  
And I bought a rolltrainer. The software was installed  
 quickly. But now I can not go. Can someone recognize   
where my error is? Ich have make some Photos.  

(Alan Hughes) #2

Hi it looks like its only picked up the cadence sensor and not your speed sensor.

You should see them connect on the paired devices screen. Pic 5

Try connecting the cadence first, then the speed and trainer 2nd.

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #3


I have seen that the speed sensor with ANT+ for Zwift is missing.

I have now ordered a new speed sensor.

I think then it works.

I will try again.


Thank you Alan

(Alan Hughes) #4

The speed sensor you already have on the frame does it have a working battery? Also can you pick up the speed / cadence with elite software?

I use the garmin gsc-10. I have to spin my crank first for the sensor to wake up. On the pair screen I have to select the it.

I’m not 100% with the elite system. But it looks like Bluetooth as well so see if the zwift link app will pick them up.

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #5

My old speed sensor has no ANT+ and no Bluetooth. Sigma calls it " STS " . Its from 2012. Last night " germany time " i have ordered a new speed sensor with ANT+. Now it is already shipped. It is too late. Otherwise i would have the garmin ordered.Tomorrow this will work here . I am sure. :slight_smile:

(Alan Hughes) #6

Sascha, Your picture 3 shows the Ant+ unit which is the speed and cadence sensor.

I dont think you needed to buy another sensor just get the one you have to pair.

See this video https://youtu.be/ZClOQ73Xuh8?t=46s and it shows your serial number for the unit, make sure that you select the correct one in zwift pairing.

There should be a magnet installed in the roller if you watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CjO9d1yhe0

Help manual is here > http://www.elite-it.com/sites/default/files/download/attachments/elite_1510_0910_manuale_misuro_b_rev03_low.pdf


Hope this has helped.


(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #7

Yes, the Misuro B+ Unit combines this things.

 Zwift finds the device. But i can not access it and program it

as in the video with the Garmin Edge 520.


Today came my new Sigma sensor and was not found.

My very last attempt.

I will now order the Garmin Sensor .

That should then really run.


Thank you for your help.

(Alan Hughes) #8

Ok I’ve just had a thought your ant+ has to be a USB 2 version. What model number is it? As all your sigma stuff is fairly old your usb stick might not be compatible.

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #9

You were right. It was connected to USB 2.0 on the front of my PC.

Now it is on the back of a USB 3.0 replacement on the mainboard PCI Express.

After the connection the divice drivers installed automatically.

I have restarted Zwift. The only thing that has changed now is that the Elite Misuro B+ Sender is displayed as " Praxisworks " For this i added two new photos.

The serial number is also displayed. " 23047 "

But i can not drive yet. There is no other change.

I have today seen. 2 more User have the same problem.

Thank you for your patience with me.

(Gerrie Delport) #10

It look like you are making some progress. I’m just going to throw some things out here. 

Try this, Unpair the “Speed Sensor + Clasic Trainer”

Then start peddling and search for “Controllable Trainer” or “Power Source”

Just suggesting some options, don’t know if it will work but worth a try.




(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #11

Hello Gerrie,

i just removed everything .

After that i started Zwift again.

I try  " Controllable Trainer " and nothing was displayed.

Then i tried “Power Source”

It found the device but no “watt”

look here:


I think that the Misuro B+ is not compatible with Zwift. But to other programs.

I am now waiting for this Garmin Sensor. This is my last chance.


If that does not work , i have to give up.

Too bad i would have liked to try it. It looks so great.


(Gerrie Delport) #12

Wow man, Don’t give up.

Your trainer is compatible https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/204151529-Which-Elite-Classic-Trainers-Does-Zwift-Support-

 And: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/206677786-What-Resistance-Level-do-I-set-my-Classic-Trainer-to-


So I have been looking at your setup again and I Thought that your trainer was the controllable type. So your setup on Picture 8 (Update 25.01.2017) seem to be the correct setup. 



The Garmin sensor should be working (it might help to disconnect the Misuro B+). As a dumb trainer setup using the power curve.

The  Misuro B+ does not send power data  only speed and Cadence. 




(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #13

I have now installed the Elite app on my iphone.

It shows Speed and Cadence. The performace indicator is not applicable.

Level 3 shows it the same Power as Level 8

Over Bluetooth the Misuro B+ was immediately found on my iphone.


Yes Picture 8 looks good.

Only i do come not from the spot.

It is shown in the game alone the cadence.

Tomorrow comes the Garmin Sensor. ( hopefully)


A better Roller a can still buy.

I bought this only because i have Zwift seen on Youtube. I thought it was fun.

This was ago 2 weeks the trigger for this story. ( laugh )

(Alan Hughes) #14

Hi Again,

I was thinking that the USB was a usb 1 and not a usb2 dongle that zwift needs, I had an old Garmin ANT+ usb stick which is USB1-Wireless, so I had to buy a usb 2 version, the cheapest option was to buy a Suunto Movestick. http://amzn.to/2j9D4B3 .

Can you google which type of ANT+ dongle you have, make and model?

Sascha can you install the zwift link app on your iphone https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/zwift-mobile-link/id934083691?mt=8

as this will use the bluetooth sensor and not the ant+ and as long as you are on the same wifi, it should transmit to zwift desktop. (Unplug the ANT dongle)

Even better just install zwift on your phone or ipad and it should just work.

As for buying a good turbo, the tacx vortex smart was one of the cheapest turbos that is a proper controller I paid around £250. I had it until it wouldn’t turn on one day so had to send it back to wiggle, I then bought the Kickr Snap.


Report back please :slight_smile:



(Gerrie Delport) #15

I hope your garmin sensors come soon.

So After you have picture 8, there should be another window that you need to select your trainer. Then It should look like this.


(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #16

Hello ,

today came the Garmin speed and cadence sensor.

I am so happy.

This has been a lot of headaches for almost

two wekks now.

The garmin ran immediately.

I made new Photos.

This is my ANT+ dongle .

Which is offered automatically in the German bike shops when you buy a roller.


The first app i have on my iphone .

But the second app goes only from the iphone 5s and newer.

And i have the iphone 5

My PC is enough for me. Thats all i need.

I will test later Zwift.

I have now 25 km for it.

If i like it then i also regularly on it i can think about a better roller.

(Gerrie Delport) #17

Wonderful… This is the good news i was waiting for.  Have fun. 

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #18


The first ride was fun.

From today i would like to drive every day :slight_smile:

(Gerrie Delport) #19

You will get addicted quickly. 

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #20

I hope that with the registration goes fast.


For all the problems with the Misuro B+ have.

Throws him out of the Window an installs the two Garmin sensors.

This saves many gray hair and also your nerves.