Why are so many short routes event only

Like the thread title says, why are so many of the short routes event only, just looking through Watopia:
Flat route reverse
Handful of Gravel
Hilly Route reverse
Jungle circuit reverse
repack rush
seaside sprint
volcano flat reverse

These are all sub 10 Miles so really nice when only got 30-45 minutes spare to ride

I am pretty sure that for any of the routes listed with ‘reverse’ in the name you can just pick the regular route and then make an immediate u-turn to ride that route.

Repack Rush should also be available from the route menu.

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but then I assume there’s no segments etc doing that and no badges, also that still doesn’t explain why routes like handful of gravel are event only, I mean we could do with more gravel routes and a bit less tarmac

I’m pretty sure you get the badges for those routes after the u-turn.

Handful of Gravel and Neokyo Crit Course are the only event-only routes with a badge so in most cases that’s not a factor. But I agree these routes should be available anyway.