White tron bike [July 2021] [1.15.0]

I wish they would add black and white to the color fader.

In yesterday´s TV group ride in London all tron bikes had the same glowing WHITE wheels (the frames were coloured as usual):


AppleTV 4k. Never seen this before.

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Thanks all for flagging this up. I’ve created a ticket for the team here to investigate.

Yes, it was me. I’m on the latest update, on Apple TV 4K.
Here are three of us together with white Tron wheels.

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Looks quite smart that, wish it was a genuine option.


Could have been me too - I raised it on the DIRT Watts Up ride and those of us on Apple TVs were experiencing it. I don’t think it’s actually white - I think it’s actually that the bright light sources have just blown out so they all appear white. I say this because you can see the colours of the Tron bikes in profile, just not on the effort sensitive bits (ie the wheels and seatpost).
My eagle-eyed son also noted that the banners in the starting pens were all blown-out too (solid bright white) which is why I think it’s bright light sources in general - not just Tron colours.

Thanks Shuji - please note that it’s not just the Tron bikes on the ATV 4Ks - there’s something wrong with the banners too.
“My eagle-eyed son also noted that the banners in the starting pens were all blown-out too (solid bright white) which is why I think it’s bright light sources in general - not just Tron colours.”

This was also present on Tuesday on Apple TV when I did the lunchtime (UK) Classics ride - I think that was pre-update being released…

This bug was also in the previous (June 2021) update. Screenshot from June 19,2021
Both my brother and myself had the bug on our ATV 4K’s. It was random and did not occur on every ride.
We dubbed it the “Ghost Tron”

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Thanks for that info. Screenshots are always appreciated.

So far, everyone’s reporting this happened on an Apple TV 4k. Is this happening to anyone who’s using some other OS platform?

In contrast to wednesday’s group ride the tron wheels are back to normal today (free ride, AppleTV 4k), in London, Yorkshire and Watopia. iPhone is also fine. Strange.

I’ve only seen it on the Apple TV 4K. As others have said, even then it’s not every time - I didn’t see it last night. But today I was riding on the mac and my son on the Apple TV - you can see the difference. No Tron bikes (as all on the Aethos, but please note the banners in the pens on the TV vs the laptop…

I’ve experienced the White Concept wheel bug for a month. ATV appliance. I removed and reinstalled Zwift once. It’s intermittent and occurs about every 12th ride.
I’ve also stoped asking for Zwift support. My list of zwift verified bugs is long and none are fixed. Not wasting my time if zwift can’t provide a list of user reported bugs they verified and with a target resolution date. Good way to keep support employees busy it would seem but total wast of users time, reporting the same defect over and over again. Some bugs like meetup replication of users and Sprint doing odd stuff is bad. Heck, just in the last few weeks, the sprint is so bad even the results list just shows only yourself.

White tron bikes look sick.
Please keep this colour

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Black, White & Grey Scale options please :slight_smile:

And again white tron wheels - and again in the TV group ride in London (never in a free ride). I quit Zwift several times before the start of the ride, including a forced quit. It didn’t help, the trons remained white and also did the start pen sign.

I also noticed that my sprint PBs were missing. Only today’s PBs were shown, not the ones from the past weeks.

AppleTV 4k, latest updates installed.

All the trons in this race yesterday appeared white (using Ipad only)

Have it here on my iPad Pro.

I also had it for the first time yesterday - on iPad. Group ride, as previously mentioned. Previous ride was just solo workout and no issues.

I’m on ipad mini today and every tron I’ve seen has the white wheels. I’m on a gravel bike so haven’t checked to see if it happens to my own tron.
I’m in a solo workout on Makuri Islands.