Which trainer to select for "Elite Parabolic Rollers"

I have Elite Parabolic Rollers.  They don’t have an additional resistance setting, but they’re still quite a workout (I’m unable to maintain top gear at decent rpm for more than a minute or two).  Anyway… just wondering which trainer I should select for these?

There is Elite Fluid Red Roller?  But I can’t find any info on what exactly that is?

I’ve just been using “Other trainer”, but obviously, I’d like to choose one that matches the real world resistance so I don’t have an unfair advantage.

Unfortunately we don’t have a profile to even remotely get close to those rollers resistance levels.   In a near future update we’ll add “Other Rollers” which will at least let you ride around the world and experience the game without possibly setting off all the alarms by going too fast using an inappropriate trainer profile.