Which races best suit heavier riders?

I bought a new to me older Kurt Kinetic rock n roll trainer with an in ride sensor and Zwift a couple weeks ago. I’m hooked! I’m currently sitting at 187 pounds (85kg), 6 feet, and an ftp of 306. Zwift power says I should race in the B’s, but I’m on the low end as far as my 20’ w/kg. What races would best suit my profile? The few races I’ve done were pretty tough and I’d like every advantage I can get.

Also, would it be wise to optimize my bike and wheels towards lightweight gear and climbing since that’s my weakness and most likely where I’d be dropped? Or would it make more sense to capitalize on aero for my strengths. From the couple races I’ve done in the Bs, there’s no way my fitness is to the point where I’ll be doing a breakaway off the front… which leads me to think lightweight may prove more useful. Thanks for any help!

Zwift power shows the following stats. I’m still getting more comfortable sprinting on a trainer. I must not have had the bike in tight enough when I first got things set up and it came loose during my first out of the saddle hard effort. I’ve been slowly increasing my standing watt bombs since and getting more comfortable haha.

20’ - 298
5’ - 348
1’ - 440
15” - 597