Which Plan after finishing 12wk FTP builder end Feb.?

Hi all,

I have done 9 weeks of the 12 week FTP builder plan.
One week of pause because of a cold I had caught in December, one week doubled because of travelling and not being able to cycle. In Feb. I will have one week off as well going nordic skiing.
By beginning of March I should finish with the FTP builder plan.
End of May I will ride the first race of the season, some 90 km fondo. In July another one and in September a 150km with 2500 m elevation difference.
What plan do your recommend after finishing the FTP builder and before getting on the road again with better weather?

Thanks for all the suggestions.

BTW: The FTP builder really worked up till now, got me from 180W to 208 W after only 8 weeks.

Do it again? :smiley:

That might be an idea.
I also thought about the preparation for the first Century, however skipping the rides that are longer then one and-a-half hours. I would not want to ride longer than two hours on Zwift, where I can easily ride for a couple of hours on the road, riding indoors just in front of the screen with the fan and some radio or music is not appraling enough.
If anybody has another idea, that would be nice. I would like to have some structured training with more instructions than on the 12wk FTP builder, where nothing tells you about cadences you should keep. That, I find, is lacking in the 12wk FTP builder from Marco Pinotti.

I’m just starting week 10, getting tough now, just the duration of the workouts, i’ve had enough of the structure to be honest, and not been riding outside much as this takes up most of my time, when it’s done i’m going to do some interval training to improve my top end, not much of that in this programme , also hate the fasted workouts, but doing them, best of luck in whatever you do, but for me this will be enough.