which one is faster between "200w/60kg " and "200w/70kg"?

do you guys know which one is faster between "200w/60kg " and “200w/70kg” on flat road?


of course, first one should be faster than second one on a uphill


but I want to know which one is faster between "200w/60kg " and “200w/70kg” on flat road.



In my experience, Zwift is way too optimistic with regards to the CdA of small riders. So the 60 kg rider will be faster on a perfectly flat road too.

In flat TTs on Zwift, I (59 kg) am faster than my 80 kg friend who puts out 50 W more than me.

Not sure if this helps but on a roughly 6 minute climb I’m 1 second per minute faster at 186 vs. 190#'s and a 300 watts. I’m using a workout in this case to keep the watts steady. As for the flats…no data…yet!

The answer is 200watts/60 kg.  Period. Extra weight doesn’t help you if it’s not adding extra muscle.