Which is the longest route (one direction)?

I’m struggling to find the longest route that doesn’t go back and forth or pretzel like on all zwift maps. A circle is ok but I find most routes pretty repetitive (France for example).
The longest I’ve done is the Four horsemen that even if it’s up and down AdZ felt pretty nice.

I’m looking for a pretty flat +50k route but can’t seem to find any.

Try this site: Routes

I found manually navigating is the most fun for long rides.


You might find the Zwift Insider (Verified) “Rebel Routes” to be of interest. Here’s a relevant thread here in these forums… The ability to track and log these rides makes Zwifting these routes far more interesting than just wandering about making manual turns as suggested by another.

forums. zwift. com /t/ rebel-route-directions/532378

Rebel Route: Toutes les Routes (Zwift Insider verified)☆
veloviewer. com/ segment/24982012

This route covers every road in France, in both directions. It’s the longest of the Zwift Insider verified “Rebel Routes”, I believe, the first to break the 100km barrier, and the first non-Watopia Rebel Route.

www. strava. com /segments/ 24982012
Rebel Route: Toutes les Routes
Strava stats:
Distance: 104.79km
Avg Grade: 0.0%
Lowest Elevation: 10m
Highest Elevation: 1,543m
Elev Difference: 1,533m
190 Attempts By 120 People

Rebel Route: The Perimeter is also a long route that you may not have tried:

Rebel Route: The Perimeter (Zwift Insider verified)☆
Rebel Route: The Perimeter strava. com/segments/20483387

Flat route? Triple Flat Loops is a ~34km loop with very few elevation changes:
Rebel Route: Triple Flat Loops : strava. com/ segments/20453276

Very few Zwifters have traversed all the “Rebel Routes” as well as all the official Zwift Insider Verified game routes.

ps: for reasons unexplained by the moderators, my link-posting privileges were summarily removed without notice, warning or explanation. So you’ll have to remove the [spaces] from the links above in order to navigate to those sites.

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Many thanks for the Rebel Routes! Didn’t know that they existed, I’ll set my teeth into them right away.

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