Which country has most Zwift users per capita...?

(Siggi Jak) #1

…would be interesting to know. I have a feeling that we Icelanders rank very high, with a population of  (only) 330.000.

Zwift is a real lifesaver for us up here @ 64° North, where foul weather of any kind is the norm, and long hours of darkness, during 5 months of the year.

Best regards…

Siggi in Iceland

(W ish I was Outside) #2

Canadians might give you a run for your money. :slight_smile:

(Todd Taylor) #3

Based on all the group chat chatter, I’d say the country of “Ohio” has the most Zwifters… hehe…

(Syd Nakter) #4

Can someone explain the Ohio jokes. I don’t get it.