Where is the incline prompt on an Academy Workout?

I’m having problems with my Runn or my Hovr shoes actually getting my avatar to move, despite looking to be connected.

So today I had to do my first Academy workout (Alternating Hills) on my phone. I can’t see where the incline instruction is? I can see the speed, and the instructions from the coach, but not what Incline I should be setting the treadmill to.

Where is it, and shouldn’t it be bigger???

It’s written (very small) in the top centre panel on the display while you are doing the interval. I would also appreciate a better prompt, it was only after each interval started that the gradient appears, and it was basically guesswork that the successive intervals would follow the same structure. Even the speed of the upcoming sessions is a bit small on the side of the screen. It’s much harder to read while running vs cycling due to head movement.