where is my Flag

my Flag is missing (Luxembourg) how could I ever conquer the land without a flag?

Hey Laurent, the team is working on filling in all the missing flags at the moment! Expect more and more flags to come with each update to the game. 

Please add Peru too. It looks good in the profile, but not during game.

Make sure they add the “Stars and Bars” for  the rednecks in the SE USA

1 year on and still no flag for Luxembourg on the racing page for Luxembourg. I can see a flag on the mobile My Zwift page though. Pls let me know what is going wrong here.

Hi folks, first of all a big thx for the great work u r doing with zwift. However, coming from a small country like Luxembourg and having no flag feels pitiful. Could u kindly change that and add the missing flags, PLEASE!

Can you also add the Sint Maarten flag :slight_smile: :sint_maarten:
It’s on my profile but not up when I ride?

Can you also add the Catalonian flag 

Hi Zwift support team,

Can you please add the Flag of Paraguay for the ride (it only shows on my profile)
Thank you!

C’mon Zwift team,

Why is it taking this long to add flags!?, you’re ignoring many users to ride without their national flags, I think you’re not realizing the importance of what a flag represent eg; culture, nationality, freedom, recognition, pride, etc…it is an identity, it’s like having a name, (imagine you guys not having one!). That’s how I feel right now when I ride on your platform.

Stop trying to bring unimportant new futures, drop everything and work on the flags issue now!

You don’t want to be a negative case study in future and appear in university test books as a case example of a global business that failed to introduce the most basic need (and coding) to us (the small countries guys) losing clientele by moving to the competition.

You’re blatantly disregarding people from small nationalities.

I gave up asking for the flag, plus I discovered www.fulgaz.com
Much much better and realistic indoor experience.
Try it!