Where is my Calendar showing “my signed up events”

(Denise) #1

I sign up for events and cannot figure out how to find the times I signed up other than scrolling through the long, long list of upcoming events. There is no way I can find on my phone to filter the events to show the times I signed up. It easily shows how many hours to my “next event.” But it fails to show me the events I signed up for after that.

In real life, you sign up and think, ‘Yes I can do this then.” Then a few days passes and someone requests your help on a specific day and you think, “hmmm didn’t I sign up for a zwift ride?” But who knows? Not me! I can’t figure out how to find a calendar of what I signed up for. So am I going to miss a required ride to complete a Tour of some land? Am I going to miss a workout needed to complete requirements for a coveted avatar kit? I don’t know!

Why is it so hard to filter for what I signed up for? Is this not the digital age? Am I not paying quite a bit for a monthly subscription for this service? But then I cannot even get a calendar of events that isn’t a long scrolling list on my phone with no easy way to jump to events I’ve already said I’m interested in?

I know, I know. Why didn’t I sign up then jump out of the app into my calendar app and manually input it there? Hmmm I don’t know…maybe because I’m signing up for a “digital event” and expect somehow this digital event to be easy to digitally get details on at a click of a button.

What is going on here? Why can I not have a Zwift calendar in my account that shows my events? Or why doesn’t a sign up for a Zwift account not allow to me to click “Yes, you have permission to add this event to my online google (or whatever digital calendar my phone uses).”

How is it I cannot access a calendar of my planned virtual acivities?

This would make this a better experience for your customers. Either create a calendar I can see events I’ve signed up for. Or have it ask for permission to access my own personal calendar. Or if that is too difficult, have it email me a calendar event after I sign up. This would ease a huge amount of frustration for planning my real life and my virtual cycling life (which is a huge part of my real life). I love this service. I use this service. But it frustrates me, in ways that could be easily remedied. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

This one simple trick…could change the Zwift world.

(Ricky) #2

In the main screen of the Companion App there is box showing your next event. You can swipe left and right in this box to show the events you are enrolled in.

Until a few days ago when you signed up to an event in the Comanion app it would pop up asking if you wanted to set a reminder. For some reason that isn’t happening for me at the moment, but if once you’ve signed up to an event, you can tap on the little calendar/clock/time section, and the reminder settings will pop up. That then adds the event to my calendar.

(Ricky) #3

Also if you use Zwiftpower.com, you can view a list of your “Signups”.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

Hi @Ricky_Dee1: I assume you are on a Iphone, The Android companion app does not have the “Add to Calendar” option , but it can scroll left and right.

I agree Zwiftpower.com is handy to keep track of planned events.

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(Denise) #5

Thank you so much!!! The swipe to the left and right is super helpful. I did not realize that was possible. How long has that been around? And I’ve been struggling all this time.

I also did not know about zwiftpower. I will have to look into that website.

thank you for the help.

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