Where is customer service?

I have been trying to exchange a Saris M2 that is defective for a month. There is a week lag between email communication and no one is ever available to speak on the phone.
Here is my order number
It was a christmas present for my son and we are both pretty irritated.

Please someone contact me - It will be summer soon and we can ride outside -

Email address removed per forum Guidelines
Email address removed per forum Guidelines

I’m afraid nobody here will be able to look at your issue.

All bar a select few are just users of Zwift and are not staff.
You’ll need to persevere as you are.

Support from Saris has been a bit sketchy during Covid even though Covid has been going on for a year now.

However, to your point, I assume you emailed them and they autoreplied with a service ticket number? You may drop them a Tweet or DM on twitter and sometimes that gets their attention.

It’s frustrating, hang in there