Where can I get help buying a second hand bike?

Looking at some places on facebook - marketplace to buy a second hand bike.

Where can I get some advice on best model etc to aim for? Looking to spend around 260 eur max for a secondhand bike.

Any ideas on model etc that I should go for?

Please help!

Good morning @John_Doe3.

I think the friendly people here would like some more information like what you will use the bike for. It just for zwift or do you want race or just go off road?

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Talk to your local bike shop and they can often find a customer who wants a new bike and needs to sell their older one. That you way, you get offered a good ‘trade-in’ and your bike shop can do your maintenance and inspection.

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Road bike, would be nice if I could also ride it outdoors and mostly use it on the kickr snap for zwift or around a cycle lane that there is.