Where Are Results of a Workout?.. Segment pass/fail info?

My wife and I just completed a group workout and the last segment was 3x12 minute segments. As soon as they were completed, ride report came up and we couldn’t see if we had successfully completed the last segment or not. Is there anywhere we can go to see if we completed that last segment… review the workout?  From what I understand, if you don’t pass a segment, you don’t get XP’s for that portion and may fail the workout.  In this case, the 3x12’s were nearly the whole workout!  So, it seems like it’s something you should be able to review.

HI Steve

Reviewing Zwift sessions is not available to any detailed extent. yet :slight_smile:

Many riders, including me, upload the Zwift rides to Strava and analyse details there.

Strava can be linked to Zwift allowing automatic uploads at the end of your session.

If you don’t have a Strava account open one via the free version and link that account to Zwift.

As for sessions you have done pre-Strava you can download those sessions and upload them manually to Strava.


Thanks Paul… I am linked to Strava but there’s nothing about: (1) Passing/Failing a workout or (2) Anything about a segment.  Although, I wouldn’t expect Strava to know anything about a Zwift-based workout.   The details are basically a “Zwift thing” so I’d think Zwift would be able to report the details of what they are basing awarding XP’s on. 

I often think that Zwift might have some good coders, but they have no real “Architect”, no one laying out a unified structure between apps, web, user experience, executables in a high transaction environment.  Pitty…

As an ex-computer programmer, I agree with you Steve.


If you log on and go to the select workouts menu, click on the workout you have completed and it will tell you how many segments of the workout you have completed.


Thanks Neil!  You know, I must have looked at that a dozen times and never thought it was a “history” display.  I just saw the date and thought, yep, that’s the last time I did that one!  So, at least you can go back one ride and see what you did there.  Would be nice to see the points you received for the workout there as well.